The Truth About Lab Grown Meat Has Been Exposed And It’s Incredibly Disturbing…

I remember the days when people on the left were all about being natural and living a holistic lifestyle. Now, however, they seem to be all about filling their bodies with big pharma garbage and lab-grown meat – an idea that I find both unsettling and unappealing.

It’s like they want us to “sit down and eat this cheeseburger grown in a Petri dish after you finish your 17th booster shot.” What has happened?

Unfortunately, many experts believe that within 20 years, lab-grown meat will be the only type of “meat” available for consumption. While twenty years may seem like a long time, globalists are certainly capable of achieving this goal unless we fight back against it now.

To understand why it is so important to do so, we must first take an in-depth look at what goes into lab-grown meat.

The Substack article written by Igor Chudov explains exactly how this laboratory meat is made from cancer cells.

He states that it is created through a process called cellular agriculture where scientists use stem cells from animal tissue (usually fetal bovine serum) to produce proteins which are then used as building blocks for the artificial beef or chicken products.

The protein is then combined with plant material such as soybean oil or corn starch before finally being formed into patties or nuggets. This mixture of animal cells and plant material results in something that looks and tastes just like real meat but without any of its nutritional value or benefits whatsoever – another major reason why consuming lab-grown meat should be avoided at all costs!

Lab-grown meat is an abomination that needs to be stopped before it becomes mainstreamed in our society.

Not only does it lack nutrition but its production process also involves animal cruelty due to the fact that stem cells need to be taken from live animals’ tissues during processing – something which no conscious person can support ethically speaking.

Furthermore, there have been reports suggesting potential health risks associated with consuming these products including allergies caused by exposure to foreign proteins found within them which can cause serious reactions in some individuals.

Finally, let us not forget about environmental concerns; growing large amounts of en masse produced food requires large quantities of energy as well as water resources – two things which should never be wasted nor taken lightly.

Plus, if everyone starts eating these products instead of organic ones derived directly from nature, then we risk losing out on vital nutrients needed for optimum health & wellbeing too.

Thankfully there are still plenty of healthy alternatives available today such as organic meats & vegetables grown naturally without any added hormones/chemicals etc., so let us make sure we stick with those instead whenever possible.

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