Trumps Newest Endorsement Sends Dems Over the Edge

President Donald Trump has made an endorsement of a Republican candidate that is running for re-election and it has sent Democrats fuming.

Trump’s Endorsement of Boebert

Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert has appeared to have a close relationship with Trump and his recent endorsement of her did not take Republicans off guard.


On Trump’s Save America PAC he wrote a raving review of the freshmen congresswoman.

“Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has done a fantastic job in her first term representing Colorado’s Third District. She is a fearless leader, a defender of the America First Agenda, and a fighter against the Loser RINOs and Radical Democrats. She will continue to be tough on Crime, strong on Borders, and always protect our under-siege Second Amendment. Lauren has my Complete and Total Endorsement for her reelection!”

Democrats on Edge

Democrat lawmakers have been at odds with Boebert before she was even elected due to her strong emphasis on preserving the Second Amendment and following the Constitution.


Republicans hold the minority in the House, Senate and the presidency so passing bills seems like an impossible task. However, some of Boebert’s supporters have been a little disappointed due to her not passing a single bill since her term began.

Boebert took on long-term Representative Scott Tipton to beat him in the primaries leading way for her win.

Is Re-election Possible?

It seems that Boebert and Trump have a fairly good relationship even before his endorsement of her. In July 2021, Boebert said, “I remain close with President Trump. I guess not ‘remain’ — so I’ve always been close with him in my heart, but now I am close with him, which is really nice.”

The two of them have met several times since the congresswoman has been elected. With redistricting and political highs and lows, it is uncertain if the Republican lawmaker will be able to secure a second term come 2022. But with Trump’s endorsement, it seems like that could be a help.

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