Trump’s Lawyer Makes Announcement

Bruce Castor, a lawyer representing Donald Trump in his impeachment trial made a firm announcement late Thursday that the former president will not testify to the Senate and also will not be submitting any written statements.

Lawyer dashes Democrat dreams

Not only won’t Former President Donald Trump testify at the kangaroo court of a second impeachment trial, he won’t be submitting a written statement either.

One lawyer on Trump’s team of attorneys broke the news to the press. The former legal team had been kicking around the idea of a written statement but the new crew doesn’t like that idea one bit.


Democrats, lead by Imperialist Jamie Raskin of Maryland formally requested, as Lead Impeachment Manager, that “Trump testify under oath.” The reply was simple and quick. “No.” Castor explained slowly and patiently, with small words that NBC’s audience could understand.

“It’s a publicity stunt in order to make up for the weakness of the House managers’ case.” The lawyer insists Raskin doesn’t have one. He’s hoping Trump will say something they can twist into a knot to hang him with. It’s not going to happen.

Democrats run like werewolves from garlic when you pull out a copy of the Constitution. There is a reason why the Fifth Amendment allows an accused to remain silent.


Nobody bats an eye when folks like James Comey, or Christopher Wray who are in charge of investigating the truth sidestep simple questions by clamming up. They just say, “my lawyer advises me not to answer that.”

Democrats hate the Constitution

When Former President Trump does it, he’s instantly a criminal by implication. When your lawyer says don’t testify, you don’t testify.

Only a fool pays an attorney then disregards the advice. It doesn’t work that way to Democrats because they make the rules as they go.

Raskin doesn’t like the sneaky way the lawyer is using the law against his efforts to entrap Trump. He shot back that “any official accused of inciting violence against the government should welcome the chance to testify.”

He added “His immediate refusal to testify speaks volumes and plainly establishes an adverse inference supporting his guilt.” No it didn’t. It establishes that the Democrats don’t have a case.

Trump was impeached for a record breaking second time by the House of Representatives on January 13. Their chance of getting a conviction this time is getting long odds in Vegas. He was charged this time around with “incitement of insurrection” for daring to defend the Constitution and election integrity. Trump’s lawyer isn’t buying a word of it. They shouldn’t even be there.

Impeaching him after he’s left office is probably unconstitutional. The Democrats have a theory but if it works, it means there are no rules. “If you take the House’s position to its logical conclusion, they could impeach Donald Trump and convict him if he was dead,” Castor argues. “And that would be a ridiculous result. They could impeach Abraham Lincoln.” Or Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and “yuge” list of others.

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