Biden White House Working to Erode Supreme Court Authority

The Biden administration has become more and more vocal in its disregard of the U.S. Supreme Court’s rulings in the past few months.

This raises serious questions about what can be done by Republican lawmakers to prevent further erosion of its authority.

Following a decision in June that struck down race-based admission standards for colleges and universities, the Department of Education issued new “guidance” that effectively informs institutions how to ignore the ruling.

The guidance encourages schools to use an applicant’s race as a factor in admissions decisions rather than considering their race itself, which is a distinction without a difference.

In addition to this, Biden has also tried to shift blame onto the court for his own administration’s failure to enact certain progressive policies.

This approach has only served to weaken the court’s credibility and legitimacy.

Republican lawmakers need to take action in order to protect this important institution from further degradation by the current administration or else risk losing faith in our judicial system entirely.

It is no secret that President Joe Biden has been openly critical of several Supreme Court rulings over the past year, despite his respect for individual justices within it.

In June he blasted the court following its decision on racial preferences in college admissions practices, calling it “one of [America’s] greatest strengths” that should not be undermined – yet at the same time undermining its validity with his public statements and underlying actions taken by his departmental staff members since then.

For example, subsequent to last year’s overturning of Roe v Wade, Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services released guidance urging medical professionals not only disregard state abortion regulations but also assuring them legal protection when doing so – an action which otherwise would have been deemed unconstitutional had it not been allowed by an executive order from Washington D.C.

Given all this evidence suggesting that President Joe Biden is trying hard to push against laws created by his predecessors while actively disregarding those imposed by our nation’s highest judicial authority – namely those set forth by SCOTUS – Republican lawmakers must do whatever they can do ensure such attacks are challenged without fail if we are going maintain any semblance trust towards our country’s judiciary system.

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