New Report Shows How HORRIBLE Biden's Numbers are Compared to Trump

New Report Shows How HORRIBLE Biden’s Numbers are Compared to Trump

In a newly released poll from Rasmussen Reports, Joe Biden‘s poll numbers in his first few days in office are far lower than President Trump’s were in the same time frame.

The mainstream media’s polls have shown Biden is doing fairly well, but most Americans don’t believe the mainstream media anymore. Rasmussen, on the other hand, has done a much better job than the mainstream media when it comes to polling.

Recent news shows that it’s not just conservatives who disapprove of Biden’s job so far as president. Even labor unions and the New York Times have been somewhat critical of the Democrat commander-in-chief.

Biden called for unity and healing in the United States, but he has completely contradicted these calls by passing radical far-left executive orders that have destroyed jobs and further divided the country.

This new poll shows that his actions so far as president have directly effected his approval rating.

Rasmussen Reports tweeted:

Here’s a closer look at Biden’s first days in office:

biden poll numbers

Compare those numbers to Trump’s poll numbers in his first days in office:

trump poll numbers

According to Rasmussen’s daily approval poll, Biden is already failing, falling behind where Donald Trump was at during this stage of his presidency.

GOP Daily Brief asserts that Biden “promised unity and a glorious first 100 days. Instead, he is largely hiding from the country as he rams through a mountain of executive orders… The verdict is pretty clear. Americans are already upset with Biden’s leadership—and they are making their opinions known… Our prediction? Biden’s approval might sink even lower in the months to come.”

It isn’t just Rasmussen that is showing Biden’s approval rating sinking, as a new poll from Quinnipiac also shows his numbers under 50%.

Obviously, the mainstream media is not likely to report on this, as they have clearly shown their love for Joe Biden and the Democrat Party. They can only keep this information hidden for so long before the American people wise up and start reading alternative media sources to find the truth. Hopefully, that time is coming soon.

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