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Trump Video LEAKED…

The deposition video for Donald Trump has been leaked to the media.

For much of the deposition, Donald Trump takes the 5th.

When he is not doing that, he is slamming the investigation as a “witch hunt” that is politically motivated.

The 5th

There is about 40 minutes of video in all.

Trump started it off by making a statement, slamming the investigation.

In part, he stated, “There has never been another president or perhaps even another politician who has been persecuted, harassed and in every other way unfairly treated like President Donald J. Trump.

“What Letitia James has tried to do the last number of years is a disgrace to the legal system and an affront to the New York state taxpayers and a violation of the solemn rights and protections afforded by the United States Constitution.”

Trump later stated, “In her AG speech, she promised to, quote, ‘shine a bright light into every dark corner of Trump’s real estate holdings.’

“Shortly thereafter, she vowed to, quote, ‘use every area of the law to investigate President Trump and his business transactions, and that his — that of his family as well.’

“She knows nothing about us.

“This is when she knew absolutely nothing about us. It was very unfair.

“This whole thing is very unfair.”

You have to love how he often refers to himself in the third person.

James currently has a $250 million suit against Trump, his company, and three of his children.

It is just one of the many legal issues that Trump brings into the 2024 election with him.

Source: Fox News

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