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VIDEO: City Council Member Attacks Protesters on the Streets

California is known for its craziness but this brings it to a whole new level. A Los Angeles City Council member, Kevin de Leon, is now under investigation after a video surfaced showing the politician shoving a community activist. De Leon is not unused to the scrutiny of his peers as he was under fire earlier this year after tapes surfaced of him making racist comments. 

The viral video was published by progressive groups who originally came after the City Council member first. The video itself shows de Leon pushing a man, identified as Jason Reedy, onto a table, and down a hallway. as stated before the progressive agitators came for De Leon first the council mad explained that he was attacked and was defending himself.

“He was caught on those racist anti-Black leaked tapes and now he’s assaulting Black folks. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” tweeted the page for progressive groups RootsAction & J-Town Action と Solidarity.

The video does not show the events that lead up to de Leon pushing the activist. It starts just as de Leon reacts and gets physical with the progressive activist. 

It was just in October when audio was leaked that recorded LA Council members Nury Martinez, Kevin de Leon, and Gil Cedillo making racist comments in a conversation. Many, including President Joe Biden, called for all three council members to resign.

De Leon said he, a staff member, and a volunteer were “cornered and physically assaulted” by the activist during a holiday event. 

“Reedy and his accomplices started by shouting obscenities and disrupting a community toy giveaway and tree lighting ceremony already underway,” de Leon said.

“Reedy launched a pelvic thrust, followed by a headbutt to my forehead. My response, in defense of myself, was to push him off of me. In the ensuing struggle, Reedy struck me in the face with a closed fist, violently elbowed a female staff member, and injured a volunteer in front of horrified parents and children,” the de Leon explained.

The council member concluded that today’s political environment is “dangerous” and must be curbed before “more serious harm” occurs.

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