Trump Endorses Another Firebrand, Expands on MAGA Takeover of the GOP

Donald Trump just endorsed another conservative “firebrand,” Mo Brooks of Alabama. The GOP is focused like a laser on cleaning house of traitorous RINOs. Moderates have to go so that the right can get moving to Make America Great Again, again. Mo Brooks is certainly more of a feisty libertarian than a limp-wristed centrist.

A Trump approved Republican

Conservative Americans are fed up with the way the Republican Party allowed itself to be infiltrated by so many Democrats in disguise that they lost all their ability to influence the outcome of legislation, even when they allegedly held majorities.

For as long as anyone can remember we have had two parties, Democrat and Democrat lite. Conservatives have only one person they trust to represent their political interests these days, former President Donald Trump.


Deplorable nationalists know that we have to start now to get a handle on the 2022 mid-term election and Donald Trump stands firmly next to Mo Brooks to represent Alabama in the Senate. The deplorable-in-chief really makes liberal heads explode by “siding with the conservative firebrand who whipped up the crowd before the Capitol riot in January.”

His campaign couldn’t wait to brag about the “key prize” on Wednesday. Experts predict that the power of the former president’s endorsement “should boost Brooks among Republicans hoping to replace six-term Senator Richard Shelby.

As Politico notes, the nod will “dramatically reshape next year’s GOP primary for the state’s open seat.” Few Republicans, Trump noted Wednesday in an official statement, “have as much COURAGE and FIGHT as Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks.”


He’s totally convinced that Brooks is “a great Conservative Republican leader, who will stand up for America First no matter what obstacles the Fake News Media, RINOs, or Socialist Democrats may place in his path.”

Rock-star popularity

Brooks’ illustrious career has earned the “Complete and Total Endorsement” of Donald Trump, who enjoyed rock-star popularity in the state since the beginning. In 2020 he took “more than 60 percent of the vote” so that makes his endorsement “widely sought after.”

Lynda Blanchard was hoping to earn the favor and reportedly “had aggressively lobbied for the former president’s backing.” She was certain that her “past role as U.S. ambassador to Slovenia” would give her a lock on the endorsement so she “already committed to spending $5 million of her own fortune on the race.”

She may be a “proud member of the MAGA movement” who drives a pickup truck but donating to the campaign wasn’t enough to do the trick. Even so, she’s not giving up with all that cash riding on the outcome.

She declares she is “steadfast in my commitment to this race, to the people of Alabama and in my support of President Donald J. Trump,” even if he didn’t endorse her.

“I have been unwavering in my support of President Trump since the day he came down the escalator in June 2015,” she reminds the voters.

“He is the greatest president of my lifetime, and I intend to go to Washington as the United States Senator from Alabama to represent the America First agenda that President Trump championed every day,” Blanchard promises. Brooks plans on giving her a run for her money. He’s the one that told the crowd on January 6, “start taking down names and kicking ass.”

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