Trump Drops Major Rice and Obama Bombshell Announcement

It has been known for a while that former President Barack Obama likely illegally spied on Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign. Now President Donald Trump is calling out both Obama and former U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice over their treasonous actions.  

Rice and Obama Caught Red-Handed

On Monday, the President hammered them both as participants that were caught “red-handed” spying on his campaign.

The response came after he was asked about Joe Biden potentially naming Rice to be his running mate in order to help cover-up Obama’s criminal activities.

Rumors circulated that Rice could very well be named Biden’s VP choice, but it was just announced that Kamala Harris is the chosen one.

“Many of your supporters feel that the reason Obama’s former NSA Susan Rice is on the top of Biden’s list is that she could best cover up a lot of the #ObamaGate surveillance crimes that took place during your campaign,” reporter Chanel Rion of One American News Network said.

Hypocritical Remarks Made by Rice Exposed

Just a day before, the former U.S. ambassador made comments about the NSA launching another Democrat lead witch hunt against Trump.

At the Monday press conference, Trump also said that Rice would serve as a huge liability for Biden.

“They have been caught, lets see what happens to them. They have been caught red-handed.  It’s probably treason and it is a horrible thing that they have done. They used the intelligence agencies of our country to spy on my campaign, and there are a lot of people involved. I don’t want to say how much she is involved, frankly, if she is involved that is fine but it is a potential liability, we’ll see,” Trump said.


“We have Obama, Rice, Biden, Comey, Clapper, and Brennan.  We have it documented in all kinds of forms that the whole group knew about it. This should never be allowed to happen ever again.   It was the political crime of the century and they were all caught.  We will see what happens to them.,” Trump continued.

Will Justice Prevail?

Will Obama and Rice face justice for their alleged spying? Time will tell, but if history is a factor, it appears that elite politicians, particularly on the left, are able to get away with just about anything.

  1. These Democrats behind an airtight protective firewall and are not subject to the law. Please Barr – change my mind.

  2. The hole delusional democrat left side needs to be taken down for the corruption of their party . They do it right in front of every body cause they think their safe , untouchable by the law . Now is the time president trump needs to step things up and show the world who’s the real boss in the USA . Use the power the people gave him to protect us and the country we love with what ever means needed to stop the corruption of the delusional democrats . Put them in jail for their parts in the a temp to over throw our government and country . Stop the terrorists now in their tracks befor it can go any further and we lose everything our forfathers worked and died for . It was their blood and sweat that made this country as great as it is , so we the children of their label can live free and safe . But now the delusional democrats want to take that away from us . Are we to just roll over and play dead ??? Or do we keep the dream alive our forfathers created for us . It’s our choice now in the direction our country go’s . do we keep our country free , or let it die a slow death because of the delusional democrats . I pray more still wants our country free then want others to think for us as a nation . You know they will take away every freedom we have so they can rule . Beware the snake ( delusional democrats ) they speak with a fork tounge .

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