Trump Court BOMBSHELL…NEVER Had a Chance

Something Trump has been complaining about since the beginning of his fraud trial has been that he did not get a jury trial.

The presiding judge, Judge Arther Engoron, just cleared all that up.

Donald Trump did not have that option because of the type of case that was filed against him.


The case against Trump is called an “equitable” relief case, which is not a jury trial.

Trump attorney Alina Habba also mentioned this during her opening statement.

She stated, “There was never an option to choose a jury trial.

“It is unfortunate that a jury won’t be able to hear how absurd the merits of this case are and conclude no wrongdoing ever happened.”

Judge Engoron also commented on this.

He stated, “We are having a non-jury trial because we are hearing a non-jury case.”

He added, “It would have not helped to make a motion. Nobody forgot to check off a box.”

This case all depended on the draw of the judge, and Trump could not have possibly drawn a worse one.

Engoron had his mind made up before he ever walked into that courtroom.

Source: ABC News

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