New Report Shows the STARK Difference Between Biden Team and Trump Team

A new report out by the Washington Examiner highlights the stark contrast between the Biden team and the Trump team when it comes to government transparency. Former President Donald Trump went out of the way to direct people to the guidance information related to federal regulations, Biden wants to keep everyone in the dark

Report on transparency

Democrats are experts at bureaucracy. They know exactly how to say one thing and do another. Starting with transparency. Democrats are always talking about the need for government transparency while at the same time they are erasing history and doing their best to obscure access to accurate information.

They want you take the palace word for things they report, not look it up yourself.

Every day, one news report after another talks about another instance of the Imperial regime taking proactive steps to cover up and hide their actions from the public.

This week we learned that the palace is covering up statistics like the number of illegal aliens released into the American heartland since His Wisdom usurped power. Now we know that the information linked to government regulations is getting purged.

His Wisdom Joe Biden just signed another Imperial Decree reversing the Trump-era policy of “requiring agencies to include links and other disclosure information on new regulations to help the public figure them out.”

The New World Order won’t stand for that. Not only does it streamline regulations, according to one report, removing the links puts federal actions in the deep dark shadows.

Harris used to agree

According to a report by the regulation czar at Competitive Enterprise Institute, Clyde Wayne Crews Jr., “the move makes Biden the Edward Scissorhands of government transparency.”

After the progress made by the Trump Administration in disclosure policy, it seems like a return to the dark ages.

Senator Ron Johnson, a conservative from Wisconsin, confirms that not only is the policy needed he insists that Vice Empress Kamala Harris was all for it when she was a Senator.

Another report shows that things are even worse than imagined because federal agencies are closing their social media accounts.

As noted in the Washington Examiner report, “the campaign to erase Trump-era transparency shouldn’t be a surprise.” The Kenyan ruled with a black magic marker. the Obama-Biden administration “drew a sharp rebuke from media groups and news executives.”

Crews notes, “in its requirement that agencies create ‘a single, searchable, indexed database that contains or links to all guidance documents in effect,’ Trump’s order was one of the more significant advances in administrative disclosure yet seen. The Biden administration either believes that it does not promote rule of law for the public to enjoy ease of access to that to which they are bound, or they know and do not care.”

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