CONVICTED of Contempt of Congress

Former Trump administration White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, found guilty of contempt of Congress, was sentenced on October 21. Bannon was sentenced to 120 days in prison and ordered to pay a fine of $6,500 for his refusal to comply with Democrats’ faux Jan. 6th House Committee.

Bannon is currently free, his sentence is suspended while he appeals the ruling.

The bombastic media entrepreneur was blatantly made an example of according to reporting from The New York Post, US District Judge Carl Nichols said as much when sentencing the 68-year-old man.

He told reporters that he agreed with Biden DOJ prosecutors who stated that Bannon had expressed no remorse and that the ruling must “incentivize” cooperation with Congressional investigations.

“Others must be deterred from committing similar crimes,” the judge said, according to the Post. He further added that the sentencing guidelines were clear and contempt of Congress is subject to a mandatory minimum of at least one month of incarceration.

The DOJ, potentially at the behest of the Biden administration, asked for a far heavier sentence: six months in prison and $200,000 fine.

“Remember, this illegitimate regime, their judgment day is on 8 November, when the Biden administration ends … By the way, and remember: Take down the CCP,” Bannon said upon his arrival at the courthouse.

Bannon, once notified that Trump had waived executive privilege to allow him to testify, had made an offer to the Committee to testify, but by then the Democrats were baying for blood. Reportedly DOJ prosecutors said the move was “a hollow gesture” and claimed Bannon’s “cooperative spirit vanished” when he knew that the trial was moving forward anyway.

While surrendering himself on an unrelated charge pertaining to the ‘We Build The Wall‘ charity, as he was magisterially perp-walked in front of the cameras Bannon said, “For every conservative in America, this is what happens in the last days of a dying regime. They will never shut me up. They’ll have to kill me first.”

The efforts to silence Bannon appear to be concerted, and the implications of it are highly disturbing. Within a month, he has been in court twice, on wildly different charges all fueled by leftist political targeting.

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