This Patriot War Vet Just Gave A Dire Warning About How Biden Is Crippling The National Guard…

The National Guard is now at dire risk, and its all thanks to Biden’s COVID policy.

A Florida Republican Representative recently expressed their concerns regarding a COVID vaccine mandate being put into effect for the National Guard, especially during a time with the country faces dangerous natural disasters as well as the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict and growing military threat from China.

An op-ed written by Rep. Michael Waltz (R-Fla.) was published by FOX News, which details his fears about the National Guard enforcing a vaccine mandate originally put in place by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin last year in August.

Waltz wrote for Fox News:

“June 30 marked Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s arbitrary deadline for members of the National Guard and Reserves to receive the COVID-19 vaccine despite Congress’ mandate that the Department of Defense establish uniform procedures under which service members can be exempted.”

Waltz continued on to state that by enforcing the mandate, over 60,000 Guardsmen and Reservists will be punished for refusing the vaccine.

“As a congressman and National Guard colonel – who has had COVID-19 and been vaccinated – I can’t imagine a more reckless decision than to reprimand tens of thousands of National Guard members who have answered the call of duty. Currently, every branch of the U.S. military is struggling mightily to recruit men and women to join its ranks. This year is shaping up to be one of the worst recruiting years for our military since the Vietnam War.”

Waltz condemned the decision to place this mandate on the National Guard:

“Two things have changed since the mandate was implemented. First, the vaccine has shown to not stop the spread but rather reduce symptoms. Second, tens of thousands of National Guard and reservists have expressed serious reservations about the emergency development of the vaccine.

To cripple our military, which is mostly comprised of healthy young men and women, is irresponsible… there’s no excuse to bar service members from serving in uniform.”

Additionally, he mentioned his concerns with the country’s military already becoming depleted in reaction to COVID mandates and leftist ideologies.

“Whether it’s enforcing a vaccine mandate on our troops, the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, or the increased woke indoctrination through mandatory seminars and training, our military is being depleted. “

Starting July 1, Guardsmen and Reservists who have refused to take the jab have been barred from participating in drills and training exercises. Twelve percent of the Army Reserve (22,710) and 13.1% of the National Guard (44,000) have refused to take the jab. They tentatively await discharge.

Sources: 100PercentFedUp, Fox News


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