Runoff Candidate Suddenly Dies

A Magistrate Judge from Texas who was a candidate in a runoff for the El Paso Municipal Court judicial seat and suddenly dies. 

Candidate Reportedly Dies from COVID

Her cause of death is being blamed on COVID-19 but this cannot be verified since the media and hospitals have inflated COVID death numbers.

Lillian Blancas, 47, resided over El Paso County as a magistrate judge and had been suffering from the coronavirus reportedly for awhile. She had been in the hospital since November 9 which was her second time in the hospital due to COVID.

“My heart breaks for all those who loved her,” said Assistant District Attorney Amanda Enriquez, a close friend of Blancas. “She was an amazing human being, a dedicated public servant, and a tireless advocate for her clients and our community. Her personality and laughter filled up every room she entered and she was the most selfless friend I could have ever asked for. I will miss her so very much.”

Why There Was a Runoff

On November 3, the candidate was first in the election with around 40% of the vote. Blancas was leading over the associate judge and private defense attorney Enrique Holguin.

“I am just in shock,” Holguin said. “We in the legal community knew she was not doing well for a while. We had a prayer group for her last week. She was my friend. She wasn’t my political opponent. She was my friend. I am just sad, first and foremost. I am still numb. I am just very, very sad right now.”

The reason there was a runoff was due to neither candidate receiving more than 50% of the vote.

The El Paso Times reports that “if Blancas wins the runoff election, the El Paso City Council will vote to appoint a candidate, according to Deputy City Clerk John Glendon.”

Gone Before Getting a Chance to Win

Blancas said her reason for running was she wanted to bring fairness and her legal experience to the seat.

“I believe El Paso deserves a knowledgeable and experienced judiciary. I have knowledge of the law, the courtroom and legal experience, and a well-rounded perspective to be a balanced, fair, and impartial judge,” Blancas said.

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