This is ABSOLUTELY True About Trump

This is ABSOLUTELY True About Trump

Going back to the days after the storming of the Capitol, one Republican representative’s comments about President Trump still ring true today.

The Consequences of the Riot

Michigan Republican Representative Lisa McClain was speaking with local news outlet Mid-Michigan NOW about the aftermath of the storming of the Capitol building, and the futility of attempting to remove President Trump from office.

“It’s done, it’s over with. Let’s move forward. And I think the removal of any president from office twelve days before the end of the election, that doesn’t help the country move forward, it just causes more drama. Let’s focus on some real issues,” McClain said.


Democrats didn’t seem to care though. They pushed to impeach President Trump, and are still moving forward with impeachment even though he is no longer in office.

Jonathan Turley, a professor at the George Washington University Law School, told Fox News that he doesn’t believe that Trump’s speech before the Capitol riot isn’t enough to prove that Trump incited the riot. In the speech, President Trump outright says that the people who attended the protest should march “peacefully” to the Capitol, yet Democrats and the media completely ignore that part of the speech, and refuse to report on it.

“The speech itself does not give a clear basis for the charges of insurrection or incitement. The president talks about his followers marching on Congress peacefully… He does not call for riots. He does not call for violence,” Turley said.


Both Turley and McClain are right. There is no basis for impeaching President Trump, the Democrats are simply doing it to score political points and prevent Trump from running for office again.

McClain’s statement that impeachment “doesn’t help the country move forward, it just causes more drama,” is completely true. The Democrats, especially Joe Biden, have stated that they want “unity,” yet they are pushing for something that will only serve to further divide the country. They should be focusing on important issues that will actually help the American people, but instead they are focused on their own power.

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