Fact-Checkers Twist Themselves In Knots Defending Biden’s Latest Disaster

The mainstream media is in full blown spin-mode, desperately employing their “fact-checkers” to defend Joe Biden’s baffling and deeply concerning statements during a CNN townhall. During the Q&A session with CNN’s Anderson Cooper Biden claimed ““What we did, we got into office and found out the supply, there was no backlog, I mean, there was nothing in the refrigerator, figuratively and literally speaking,” This statement is provably false as Biden himself acknowledged the Government had 50 million doses available on inauguration day.

Glenn Kessler, Editor/chief writer of Washington Post’s “Fact Checker” immediately jumped on the rhetorical grenade calling the outright lie a “a verbal stumble, a typical Biden gaffe, as he had already mentioned 50 million doses being available when he took office.” and suggesting “Ex Trump officials should especially cool the outrage meter, as it just looks silly.”

DailyWire compiled Kessler’s complete 6 Tweet White-Knight Defense of Biden and attack on Trump allies,

“Here’s a guide for ex-Trump officials for how to tell whether a politician might be telling a deliberate lie or just had a verbal stumble. They were quick to declare Biden was a deliberate “liar” last night on vaccine development. So here we go … Biden said on CNN: “it’s one thing to have the vaccine, which we didn’t have when we came into office, but a vaccinator — how do you get the vaccine into someone’s arm?” Yep, that’s wrong. Sounds bad. But did he mean it?…

A) Did he say something different elsewhere in the town hall? Yes, just minutes before:  “We came into office, there was only 50 million doses that were available.” That’s a clue he knows the vaccine was created when he became president. B) Is it different than what he said before? Yes, 1/26: “We want to give credit to everyone involved in this vaccine effort and the prior administration and the science community and the medical sphere — for getting the program off the ground.  And that credit is absolutely due.” That’s another clue. So the odds are this is a flub, not a deliberate falsehood.

He contradicts what he said just moments earlier and what he has said in the past. As fact checkers, we look for patterns and context …. I know it’s fun to snip a clip and act outraged on social media. But what’s more telling is if a politician over and over says the same falsehood, day after day, no matter how often he or she has been fact-checked. No going to mention any names, of course.”


Kessler and his leftist buddies at the WaPo taking umbrage and sneering down at Kayleigh McEnany among others from their perceived “moral high ground” is a pathetic ploy that depends on a serious case of selective amnesia.

Notably, if you look back at 2016-21 there were no “verbal stumbles” or “gaffes” by President Trump…No! Everything that was not 100% confirmed accurate by an accepted “mainstream” (read: leftist) was a deliberate, malicious deception of the American people punishable by immediate impeachment! How quickly they think we forget!

How Do They Justify Biden Spouting Chinese Propaganda?

Provocative Conservative Radio Host Mike Cernovich was quick to ask if Biden’s talking points directly from the Chinese Communist Party were also fact checked. Biden seemed to attribute the forced imprisonment, systematic rape, and sterilization of Uighur Muslims in “Re-education Camps” aka Concentration camps as being per the

“Central principle of Xi Jinping is that there must be a united, tightly controlled China. And he uses his rationale for things he does based on that.” further stating that “Culturally there are different norms, that each country and their leaders are expected to follow.”

No comment seems to have been made by Biden regarding Beijing’s decision to muzzle the BBC for daring to report on the confirmed ongoing genocide. Although the State Department did announce “We absolutely condemn the PRC’s (People’s Republic of China) decision to ban BBC World News,” according to State Department spokesman Ned Price.

Get Used To It

This should set the tone for the next four years (or however long the Biden-Harris regime has before it becomes the Harris regime) will look like. Simply envision the Mainstream media breathlessly falling all over themselves to submissively lap up every drop dealt to them by the Whitehouse and frantically, then FEVERISHLY defending the regime against ANY CRITICISM of it in full ecstatic, reckless abandonment of any vestiges of journalistic integrity. Film at Eleven.

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