They’ve Been ARRESTED… 20 of Them

A massive sting operation in Indiana has netted 20 arrests.  

This was a joint operation run by the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office and the City of Franklin Police Department. 

The sting operation was run over three days.  


In a day and age when your children seem as though they are under attack at every turn, at least this operation was able to take 20 perverts off the street.  

The suspects that were arrested all believed they were showing up to meet and have sex with an underage child.  

The two agencies stated, “During the course of this operation we dealt with many different people and situations. 

“The conversations that are had prior to the suspects arriving at the target location are very troubling.  

“The requests that are made to the Investigators posing as underage children are also very troubling and disturbing.” 

The statement continued, “We will never know the true extent or impact these investigations have on the safety of our children. 

“Knowingly meeting with a minor and wanting to take that minor away from their home travel miles away scares all of us.  

“Will we ever truly know what the suspect’s true intentions were?” 

It concluded, “We want parents to be very diligent in knowing what their children are doing and who they are speaking with on the internet.  

“The number of online apps and what can be discussed is very alarming.  

“Almost everyone carries a smartphone which makes it so easy to access these sites.” 

Source: Fox News 

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