The Sneaky BS Facebook Pulled on Conservatives Election Week

In the week following Election day the Daily Wire and the New York Times have reported Facebook made an “emergency change” to it’s algorithms driven by a “N.E.Q.” or “News Ecosystem Quality” score. This is the sneaky BS Facebook pulled on conservatives election week.

What did Facebooks ‘Sneaky BS’ do?

These changes were designed to specifically impact what the New York Times identified as “mostly right-leaning sources, from spreading what the platform deemed to be “election misinformation.” This resulted in alternative news sources being suppressed and leftist compromised Mainstream Media sources being amplified.

The Daily Wire reported:


“Facebook employees found that after the election, news stories from right-leaning outlets and pages on instances of voter fraud, miscounted ballots, and other election irregularities, mistakes, and misconduct were some of the most popular articles on the platform.”

The SJWs at Facebook panicked and CEO Mark Zuckerberg resorted to a “break glass” emergency algorithm change to promote or suppress certain news articles and posts in news feeds. According to the New York Times,

“Typically, N.E.Q. scores play a minor role in determining what appears on users’ feeds. But several days after the election, Mr. Zuckerberg agreed to increase the weight that Facebook’s algorithm gave to N.E.Q. scores to make sure authoritative news appeared more prominently, said three people with knowledge of the decision, who were not authorized to discuss internal deliberations.”


The New York Times’ source added “It resulted in a spike in visibility for big, mainstream publishers like CNN, The New York Times and NPR, while posts from highly engaged ‘hyperpartisan’ pages, such as Breitbart and Occupy Democrats, became less visible”

On the surface an apologist could say ‘Well at least Occupy Democrats was throttled too’ But that’s very hollow consolation when you realize that Occupy Democrats may be a more honest player than CNN, NYT or NPR, because at least they acknowledge their bias.

A familiar duplicity from Facebook

This is yet another damning account of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg’s duplicity. It’s the very same structure of deceit that resulted in a criminal referral from Congressman Matt Gaetz in July.  As Congressman Gaetz wrote,

“As a member of this body, I question Mr. Zuckerberg’s veracity, and challenge his willingness to cooperate with our oversight authority, diverting congressional resources during time-sensitive investigations, and materially impeding our work. Such misrepresentations are not only unfair, they are potentially illegal and fraudulent.”

It seems that if Congress won’t hold Facebook to account perhaps the market will, as alternate social media platforms such as Parler, Minds, MeWe, Gab and Rumble see meteoric rises in users.

New Poll Shows the Consequences

The Washington Examiner has reported that a new MRC poll shows, if Social and Mainstream media were not biased against him: President Trump would’ve won in a landslide. One way or another, this election really was stolen. Either through outright election fraud or the unholy alliance of the media and Silicon Valley who deliberately swung the election through selective censorship and suppression.

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