The House of Cards is Quickly Falling Around Hillary Clinton [Details]

The names indicate he has his finger poised to poke down the Hillary Clinton house of cards. Conservatives knew all this already and liberals will continue to stick their heads in the sand until doomsday. Democrats can ignore it but that won’t change the fact Clinton was the one colluding with Russia. John Durham may be spotted in public less frequently than Sasquatch but recent indictments and arrests prove he’s working on something big.

Hillary in hot water

Hillary Clinton has told the pack of lies so many times that she actually believes them. She’s been insisting for years that Donald Trump stole her election by conspiring with Russia. In order to frame Trump, she conspired with Russia then played the FBI branch of her fan club like a violin. It’s not surprising that Grand Inquisitor Robert Mueller’s multi-million dollar witch-burning efforts cleared Trump instead of convicting him.

What’s a shock is that Mueller didn’t find Clinton’s fingerprints all over everything. It only makes sense if he was in on it too. What do you expect from someone who hand carried a Uranium One sample to the Kremlin for her?

Meanwhile, evidence has been piling up that Hillary Clinton herself was the one “who engaged in collusion with Russia.” It started when the FBI caught her mishandling classified information.

James Comey and Peter Strzok found a way to let her get away clean, after Bill Clinton allegedly intimidated then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch into shutting down the probe, by threatening her grandkids. The “snakes on a plane” Phoenix, Arizona airport meeting was meant to be kept secret.

Thanks to the recent indictment John Durham and his team handed down for Michael Sussmann and the arrest of Igor Danchenko, the picture is developing into nice clear colors like one of those old Polaroids. It’s been well established that Hillary Clinton, through her campaign and the Democrat National Committee “financed the bogus Steele dossier.”

That entirely fictional file “became the premise for an Obama FBI investigation of the Trump campaign that triggered a nearly two-year, $45 million special counsel probe.” Danchenko has been previously identified as the dirty dossier’s “primary sub-source.” He was the only one. Danchenko spoon fed Steele with every nasty fantasy the Kremlin could imagine. Durham had him dragged off to jail for lying to the FBI about all of it.

Clinton lieutenant’s contribution

Aide and communications consultant Charles Dolan Jr. has often been described as a Hillary Clinton lieutenant. He’s the one who contributed the notorious and entirely debunked “pee tape.” The Igor Danchenko indictment gives all the juicy details.

Ukrainian born Danchenko was arrested by Durham and charged with “concealing the fact that Dolan was one of his sources for the information he gave to former British spy Christopher Steele.”

Dolan, it turns out, “has extensive ties to the Russian government including relationships with ‘senior Russian Federation leadership,'” like President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary. He also “He arranged for Danchenko to meet in Moscow with Russian officials and ‘sub-sources’ who offered information that ended up in the document.”

According to Durham, Dolan, identified as “Organizer-1,” made up the “allegation that Trump paid prostitutes to urinate on a bed in a Moscow hotel on which President Obama supposedly slept.” The truth is that he was told by staff at the hotel in question that Trump had been a guest of the hotel. That and nothing more. All the rest was a total lie he made up off the top of his head to help Hillary.

Danchenko was charged with lying to the FBI when he denied that Dolan was the source for that allegation. He also made up “the claim that the president of the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce informed him that Trump was involved in a well-developed ‘conspiracy of cooperation’ with Putin’s regime. The conversation never took place.”

The way former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy sees it, the indictment of Danchenko clearly shows Durham is zeroing in on Hillary Clinton and her dirty campaign tricks. “It appears that Durham theorizes that the Trump-Russia collusion narrative was a political attack manufactured by the Clinton campaign. Relying on Danchenko, Steele compiled the reports for Glenn Simpson, co-founder of intelligence firm Fusion-GPS, which specializes in digging up political dirt. Fusion-GPS was retained for the Trump project by Perkins-Coie, the Clinton campaign’s law firm.” Michael Sussmann worked for Perkins-Coie. The cards are collapsing.

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