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Supreme Court Ruling DERAILS Biden Agenda… White House FUMING

The climate agenda of this administration has just taken another crushing blow.

This week, the Supreme Court released a ruling that will force the EPA to halt interstate pollution restrictions.

The court has ruled that the new rule cannot go into effect until it has been fully litigated in the lower courts.

Government Overreach

Ohio, Indiana, and West Virginia initially filed the suit knowing that the new regulations by the EPA would cripple their state economies.

West Virginia is already in a massive downturn, so the state simply cannot afford this to go into effect.

Trump-appointed Justice Amy Coney Barrett was the only conservative justice to dissent, something that seems to be happening fairly often these days.

The majority opinion was written by Justice Gorsuch, another Trump appointee, who stated, “At oral argument, even the government refused to say with certainty that EPA would have reached the same conclusions regardless of which States were included in the [Federal Implementation Plan].”

The EPA and climate change activists just about lost their minds when the ruling was released.

EPA Administrator Michael Regan stated, “We believe that states should take responsibility and not pollute neighboring states.

“Pollution doesn’t respect borders.”

The Sierra Club added, “Contrary to what some of the Justices seem to believe, human lives are infinitely more important than corporate compliance costs with basic, decade-old air pollution standards.

“Our most vulnerable are at risk from this dangerous pollution crossing from one state to another, and that the Court is turning away from an approach to protecting air quality it itself had blessed just ten years ago should concern us all.”

I think most will find it a bit ironic that the EPA dared to talk about respecting borders when Joe Biden has opened our borders to let millions of illegal immigrants enter the country, but that is a discussion for another time.

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