Creepy PEDO Teacher CAUGHT By Kids

The perverted teacher thought he was smarter than his sixth grade pupils but they got the drop on him. Quick witted students earned extra credit with a pro-grade sting operation. Eight Davisville Middle School students created a shared log on the Discord social media platform and used it to track the creepy interactions he had with the girls in their class. He’s been on leave since May after “allegations of inappropriate behavior with other female students” surfaced.

Creepy teacher caught by kids

An unnamed sixth grade teacher in North Kingstown, Rhode Island wasn’t real popular with his Davisville Middle School students. They thought he was a “creep” and set out to prove it. A group of boys caught the adult “leering at some girls, singling them out with pet nicknames and encouraging them to dance for him.

At the same time, he treated boys “with contempt, and sometimes cruelty.” He wasn’t worried, he had been through it before.

The teacher, who was also a coach and involved with extra-curricular activities, told the students that he’d weathered parents’ complaints for nearly 30 years, and there was nothing anyone could do to him.

He’s been proven incorrect. The kids kept a close eye on him. They watched him as close as he stared at the girls.

By “seventh grade, some of the boys had started taking notes, documenting what the teacher was saying and doing, particularly to the girls, at the school.” One of the boys gave an interview and described how “in January 2021, he and his friends decided to start their ‘Pedo Database,’ to track the teacher’s words and actions.

Entry by entry they tracked it all. Interim Superintendent Michael Waterman recently announced that “he had placed a teacher on leave and was launching an investigation into allegations that the teacher had stalked a pre-teen girl at the middle school while he was her coach, and had been inappropriate with other girls.

Adults ignored them

The whistle-blowing students “tried talking to adults about what they heard and saw. None of the adults listened or took them seriously.” The boys say it made them “uncomfortable to see the girls in their class struggling to deal with their teacher flirting with them.

Sometimes “they’d laugh. Sometimes they just kind of just sit there awkwardly. Even the ones that said he was ‘creepy‘ laughed, because they were obviously not trying to tick him off or anything. So they’re just fake laughing, awkwardly laughing.

He wasn’t the only one who noticed, so a small group decided to do something about it. “They set up a subchannel on Discord, named it after the teacher, and called it the ‘Pedo Database.’


This, they added, “is now the official chat that we will later use as evidence against [the teacher] about pedophilia in case anything does come up in the future and we do turn out to be right.

They were right. Along with documenting such creepy comments as “You all love me so choose love.“; “You gotta stand up and dance now.“; and “everyone in bathing suits tommorrow,” they noted “Flirting with one girl. Teasing another.

Calling the girls ‘sweetheart’ and ‘sunshine.’ Asking one girl to take off her shoes and try wiggling her toes without moving her pinkies.” The teacher was humiliating. The boys told the next class all about the discord log and by April 2022, the teacher was escorted out of the middle school.

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