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Washington Post Doxxes and Endangers Conservative Twitter Personality

The Washington Post has sparked  a significant backlash after publishing an article which doxxed an anonymous Twitter account that has become popular with conservatives, creating an impression that they wished to intentionally endanger the safety of the creator. “Libs of TIktok” highlights extreme left-wing material on Twitter and is rapidly approaching one million followers. Taylor Lorenz of the Washington Post took issue with this.

Washington Post targets “Libs of Tiktok” account

Lorenz is a controversial figure on social media for being a “journalist” whose role frequently seems to involve harassing conservatives online.

She recently told MSNBC that she suffers from PTSD caused by the negative responses she has received for her work, though that clearly hasn’t convinced her to do anything differently.

Lorenz wrote an article for the Washington Post which sought to “expose” the owner of the account, claiming that she has become a significant online figure and has lost the privilege of remaining anonymous.

“Libs of Tiktok” posted a photo of Lorenz which appeared to show her tracking down family members of the account creator, prompting further accusations of harassment and doxxing.

The Washington Post article did include personal information about the woman behind the account, though an editor later denied this specific allegation and defended the article.

Lorenz has openly complained about stalking and harassment, but she appears to have gone to great lengths to track down anything related to the account.

“Exposing degeneracy”

The leftist desire to target the account stems from the fact that it was, in the words of Ron DeSantis press secretary Christina Pushaw, “exposing degeneracy by showcasing liberals in their own words.”

Lorenz describes this as “fueling the right’s outrage machine” and promoting a campaign of hate and discrimination against “LGBTQ people.”

Even a cursory glance of the account reveals that most of what “Libs of Tiktok” posts is simply content publicly posted elsewhere by liberals, as the name implies.

Much of this content brings attention to the fact that many liberals affiliated with the LGBTQ cause appear to be very interested in pushing their agenda on children.

Highlighting the insanity of the trans ideology and the people who are creating graphic  lessons on sexuality for young children equates to harassment in the eyes of Lorenz.

Unfortunately for the Washington Post, the article has massively increased the reach of the account, but the creator could still be targeted and endangered thanks to the doxxing.

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