MLB and the Woke Mob Show Major Hypocrisy

Another woke controversy has made its way into American society and this time it involves Major League Baseball and a lot of hypocrisy.

Georgia Votes for Election Security

Last month Georgia’s General Assembly passed Senate Bill 202 on a party-line vote. The legislation passed with 100-75 in the House and 34-20 in the Senate in the peach state.

The main purpose of the bill is to increase voting rules to make sure more fair and safe elections happen going forward. However, Democrats, the MLB and big woke corporations don’t enjoy having fair elections which is why they erupted in disgust.


Georgia’s Republican lawmakers passed common-sense election reforms where IDs will be required for absentee ballots. They also rejected electioneering within 150 of the polls.

Well, Democrats and sports leagues decided to pretend that requiring IDs to vote is actually racist because it can be too difficult for minorities to figure out how to get IDs.

MLB Moves Game to CO

As social justice warriors came out in force, the MLB decided to move the All-Star game from majority-black Georgia to the majority white liberal city of Denver which ironically also has the same voting laws.


According to the Census Bureau’s latest information, 76.1 percent of Denver’s 727,211 residents identify solely as white, whereas blacks make up only 9.2 percent of the total population. In contrast, Atlanta is 51 percent black.

State Senator Gives his Take

Colorado State Senator Dennis Hisey went on Newsmax TV to give his take on the matter.

In reference to the election laws in both Colorado and Georgia, Sen. Hisey said, “Actually they are very similar… I think this is a case where perception became reality.”

On the subject of the financial aspect of the city which hosts the All-Star Game, official statements show that moving the game out of Atlanta could cost the city up to $190 million in revenue.

“The greater Atlanta area has lost and it will be the residents and the business owners,” Hisey continued.

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MLB and its decision to move the All-Star Game to a different state with very similar election laws is one that has confounded many. It is clear that the very prospect of having fair and secure elections is now a controversial aspect in the United States.

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