Shady Polling Situations Going Down in Philly as Democrats Attempt to Steal Battleground

Shady Polling Situations Going Down in Philly as Democrats Attempt to Steal Battleground

Conservatives are concerned about suspicious events and shady situations that happened throughout election day, into the night. Accusations of voter fraud, malfunctioning ballot machines, and ballot dumps are showing that there may be attempts by Democrats to steal the election in battleground states.

Voters should keep their eyes on Philadelphia — and Pennsylvania, as a whole.

Why were GOP poll watchers denied entry into polling places?

There were multiple reports, including video, of shady actions being taken at polling places, including denying poll watchers entry.

Author and comedian Tim Young shared a video on Twitter with the caption: “Oh look! A Democratic committeewoman in north Philly wearing a Biden mask not letting certified Republican poll watchers into a polling place… She ends with “that rule ain’t worth being followed” when someone says they should be allowed inside.”

Will Chamberlain, Editor in Chief of news outlet Human Events, posted a video on Twitter showing that a poll watcher was wrongfully prevented from entering a polling place in Philly:

White House staff member Mike Roman tweeted “MORE Bad things happening in Philly. Dem election officials have avoided transparency & accountability at every step. NOW they’re keeping our poll watchers so far from the counting tables there’s NO WAY to ACTUALLY observe. What are they hiding?? THIS MUST STOP!!!”

Here’s PolitiFact trying to explain away the shady actions:

  1. They have to cheat to win . Even the most die hard delusional democrat can’t be that stupid as to not see the corruption of the delusional democrats . But still yall help the delusional democrats win . Guess they don’t want to give up their welfare Checks and get off their fat lazy ass’s and work for a living . They sell their soul’s for free everything . If the delusional democrats win you will see insurance go up and med cost rise . Our right to own weapons will go and only the criminal will have guns to rob and kill . And that will be your fault for helping them win . Taxs will rise too . Old joe will be replaced right after he’s made president . He’s to far gone to let sit in the big boy chair . They will give him some young girl to play with in the room Billie boy had hiden to do his nasty crap . Then it’s up to the Republicans to impeach old joe for his corruption like they tryed to with trump . The only difference is they have proof with old joe . Then take Obama and hillary down for their help in all the delusional democrats corruption. One day at a time is the way to go . But it must be started if we’re to make it as a free country . May God have mercy on your soul for letting this happen . I won’t

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