SEVERAL Voting Machines Found Dumped

SEVERAL Voting Machines Found Dumped

Several voting machines have been found dumped on the side of the road in the Savannah, Georgia area.

On Thursday, a woman from Dahlonega, Georgia found several voting machines in a grassy area in Garden City, at the Blueberry Hill Bar & Grill on Dean Forest Road.

The woman’s Facebook post about finding the machines has over 1,000 comments and over 4,600 shares as of Friday morning.

State officials have claimed that the machines were outdated, but have not offered any explanation as to why they would have been dumped on the side of the road.

Concern has been growing among many on the right that this dump of several voting machines can not simply be another coincidence.

With all of the irregularities in the 2020 election, and specifically those in Georgia, how can voting machines found on the side of the road be just another accident?

In a statement released on Thursday evening, the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office said that they are investigating where the machines originated.

“The Secretary of State’s Office is looking into the circumstances of the discovering alongside a highway of a no-longer-used voting machine that appears to be part of a shipment of defunct equipment heading to storage at the Port of Savannah.

Machines of this type are no longer used in Georgia. There is no way it could have impacted the 2020 election because it does not print ballots, and this state has switched entirely to voting on paper ballots,” officials said in a statement.

Despite the assurances from the Secretary of State’s Office, this incident is concerning.

Where did the machines come from? Why were they dumped just weeks after the election, and why were they dumped in a public area?

Why were several “outdated” machines being disposed of so recently after the 2020 election, instead of immediately after they were declared outdated?

The mainstream media has refrained from doing any actual reporting on this issue, except to repeat the party line that “the machines were outdated” as if that is the only relevant part of the story.

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