Rep. Steve Scalise Breaks Silence ‘I Was Shot Because of This Kind of Dangerous Rhetoric’

When Representative Steve Scalise heard the vile filth Maxine Waters was spewing from Minnesota, he couldn’t help breaking his typical silence to warn, “I was shot because of this kind of dangerous rhetoric.” Republicans are losing their minds over it but Democrats won’t come out and condemn it. If a deplorable conservative even hinted at the things Mad Maxine openly advised they would be charged with “insurrection.” Democrats call it “civil rights.”

It can get someone shot

If anyone knows how inflammatory rhetoric can end up getting someone shot, it’s Steve Scalise. The Republican lawmaker from Louisiana was one of the congressional baseball team members practicing for the annual game in 2017.

That’s when Bernie Sanders supporter James T. Hodgkinson opened fire, specifically targeting Republicans. For a while it was touch and go whether Scalise would make it or not and he barely managed to pull through.

“I was shot because of this kind of dangerous rhetoric. Where is the outrage from Dems & the media? They need to condemn this.” Scalise isn’t buying the social justice excuses. “Let’s be clear: Maxine Waters knew her rhetoric would incite violence in Minneapolis — but she doesn’t care, she just requests police escorts for herself.”

The liberal misfit is supposed to be representing California but she decided to place herself in the epicenter of the controversy just to boost her ratings. Her name is being mentioned in all the headlines, that’s for sure. As strongly as conservatives hate her, liberals love her for taking a stand.

While the nation is preparing for the inevitable violence which will break out no matter how the verdict comes in on the Derek Chauvin trial, Maxine the maniac couldn’t resist heading to Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

That’s where riots and mob violence have been raging for a week after an officer shot a Black criminal who was resisting arrest. Burning the police station and looting local merchants isn’t enough, she insists. It’s time to get serious. All the Black Lives Matter and Antifa-oriented anarchists need to “stay in the streets” and “get more confrontational.” That’s not insurrection though. Not even incitement to riot.

Stay in the street

Maxine Waters made it crystal clear that liberals are “looking for a guilty verdict,” no matter what the facts, the law, or the jury say. They’re tired of talk and ready for action. “If nothing does not happen, then we know that we got to not only stay in the street, but we have got to fight for justice.”

With Molotov cocktails, commercial grade fireworks, bottles, rocks, and improvised riot gear, all stylishly branded with BLM and Antifa stickers. If anyone is going to get shot, it’s going to be the police. They tried that over the weekend. Nobody is crediting Waters for the suggestion though.

Republicans are rightfully angry. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told Nancy Pelosi to punish Waters for the remarks or he will.

Pelosi didn’t bat an eye and basically told him to knock his socks off while she gets a refill of whatever it is that keeps her from finishing speeches these days and watches him make a fool of himself. Republicans keep acting like they have rights or something. Maybe she can have him shot too.

When Pelosi was asked on Monday if Waters should apologize for her inflammatory attempts to get people shot. “Absolutely not,” Pelosi declared. “Maxine talked about confrontation in the manner of the Civil Rights movement.” Nothing wrong with that at all. She also broke the curfew laws to remain on the street in defiance of police orders while “inciting riots that led to gunshots being fired at National Guardsmen.”

The judge in the Chauvin case isn’t happy with Maxine Waters either. Her remarks could cause a mistrial. Judge Peter Cahill denied the Defense request for a mistrial on Monday but is furious over the incident. What Waters said publicly is “disrespectful to the rule of law.” She said it “before the jury was sequestered for deliberations” so that “may have presented an avenue for Chauvin to appeal.” Basically her words may have the effect of the “whole trial being overturned.”

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