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Recently Released Documents Show the Disaster Within the White House

Months after botched withdrawal from Afghanistan we are still learning new details about the incompetence and ignorance shown by the White House in managing the disaster. A newly declassified report shows that Biden and senior leadership at the Pentagon were warned about the likelihood of a rapid disintegration of Afghan forces by officers with firsthand knowledge of the situation. As we now know, these reports were completely ignored.

White House ignored the warnings

It was one of the greatest national humiliations the United States has ever experienced, but nearly half a year after the Afghanistan debacle no one has resigned or been fired for letting it happen.

The speed with which the Taliban was able to conquer the entire country was likely a shock to everyone, including the Taliban themselves.

Almost until Kabul was lost, Biden continued to say publicly that he believed that the Afghan government was capable of stopping the Taliban offensive.

On paper, as Biden pointed out repeatedly, the Afghan army should have been superior in every way. Two decades of American training and mountains of advanced equipment should not fall to an outnumbered force of men in robes and sandals in a matter of weeks.

In truth Biden was being told by reliable sourced months before the withdrawal was due to be completed that the Taliban would likely sweep into power shortly after the last of the U.S. presence was gone.

Biden and his advisors either did not believed these firsthand reports or they chose to proceed with the withdrawal anyway under the assumption that it would take a few months for the Taliban to return to power.

Tragedies preventable and not preventable

The results of Biden’s decision to ignore these reports were tragic. Thousands of Afghans and foreign nationals were left scrambling to get out of the country as the White House’s neatly planned evacuation timeline was shredded by the Taliban.

The chaos at the Kabul airport allowed a suicide bomber to stroll into the crowd and kill 170 civilians and 13 U.S. servicemembers in an attack that the Pentagon ultimately admitted was “not preventable” under those circumstances.

Because they had not listened to the warnings, the White House could only panic and flail in the aftermath of the attack, inadvertently committing a war crime in their haste to assure the public that they had any control of the situation.

White House and Pentagon officials approved a wildly irresponsible drone strike which wiped out an innocent family, including seven children. Worse still, the Pentagon now believes that the suicide bomber was acting on his own, making the trigger-happy response even more tragic.

The Biden administration continued to lie about the family it had murdered for weeks after the drone strike, finally admitting that none of the dead Afghans had any connection to terrorism.

It was a horrible coda to the disastrous American project in Afghanistan, and the declassified information confirms that Biden and his advisors are wholly responsible for letting it happen.

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