Rare Open Congressional Seat Attracts 16 GOP Hopefuls

A rare occurrence in Tennessee is attracting the likes of 16 GOP candidates who want to secure a district known to harbor long-tenured representatives.

GOP Battles it Out

An open U.S. House seat in northeastern Tennessee is up for grabs as Republicans battle it out to secure the coveted position.

GOP voters will have over a dozen candidates to choose from in the August 6 primary. The potential congresspersons are attempting to replace incumbent U.S. Rep. Phil Roe, who stated earlier in the year that he would not run for a sixth term, Times Free Press reported.

In almost 100 years, only eight people have represented this particular district and they were all Republicans. Roe, who is 74, has been a long-serving member who is a theme for this region.

District Strictly Red

District 1 holds the title of having two of Tennessee’s longest-serving House members in the state’s history.

“B. Carroll Reece held the seat for all but six years from 1921 and 1961; Jimmy Quillen served from 1963 to 1997,” the Times Free Press writes.

Democrats have had a bad run in this area with the last Democrat to hold a seat was back during the Civil War. There is only one candidate for the Democratic nomination currently, but it is highly anticipated that the GOP will hold on to their longstanding reign.

One of the candidates said to be a top contender is Diana Harshbarger, who has reportedly had over $1 million in campaign cash.

This has made it possible for her to spend big on various channels of advertisements, which has increased his name recognition.

72-year-old state Sen. Rusty Crowe is also another big contender and has served in the Statehouse since 1990.

Although he first won the seat as a write-in Democratic candidate who has raised some eyebrows. Six years later, he switched over to the Republican caucus and now has a strong GOP backing.

Competition Rises as Election Gets Closer

With so many candidates in the ring, taking jabs at the other candidates is in high effect. With the coveted seat for grabs, the 16 candidates are working hard to outdo one another and secure a GOP win in a district known for being right-winged.

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