Pissed Off Karen Tries to Burn Walmart Down for Not Having Almond Milk

Pissed Off Karen Tries to Burn Walmart Down for Not Having Almond Milk

A viral TikTok video showed the aftermath of a pissed off Karen’s rampage through a Walmart after she discovered that the store didn’t have her almond milk.

TikTok user @thriftymuse, shared a video of a large stack of Bounty paper towels, still on the shelf, that were set on fire. According to the social media user, the towels were set ablaze because the Walmart in question “was out of almond milk.”

The 11 second TikTok video shows the flames rising among the shelves of paper towels as three employees walk up, with one of them holding a fire extinguisher, who uses it to put out the blaze.

The footage of the fire has been viewed more than 8.5 million times. According to the Daily Dot, this is “only the latest evidence of items in Walmart being set ablaze: Shelves of piñatas were seen burning in a viral TikTok posted on Jan. 22. A man was arrested for arson after setting fire to household products in a North Carolina Walmart on Dec. 28; and in February of that same year, a man created ‘$6 million worth of damage’ in an Arizona Walmart by setting fire to products.”

Unfortunately, there is no actual video of the Karen in question setting the blaze, nor her freak-out over the lack of almond milk itself.

The comments section of @thriftymuse’s TikTok video was filled with jokes.

“They got their only three workers to put it out,” commented @mrsbennett2k18, referencing the fact that Walmart stores are often understaffed.

“Nobody thinks it’s suspicious that the one who recorded knows specifically what they where mad about,” wrote @brayn_ca.

“This is exactly what I’d expect people who drink almond milk to do,” commented @cptjacksparrow.

“It’s the quicker burner upper,” wrote @unicornpurplesparkles, a reference to Bounty’s slogan.



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Note: Another Twitter user has claimed that the fire was actually set by a little girl. Michael, @monark5522 on TikTok, who claims to work at the location where the fire occurred, alleges that “a little girl” actually set the fire “for a TikTok trend.” As there is no actual footage of the fire being set, and Walmart has not issued a comment regarding the incident, neither story can officially be proven.

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