Peaceful Protestors are Now Considered ‘Threat to Democracy’

Canadians and Americans might be hearing so much about dangers to “our democracy” that it could be worth providing a reminder that neither of our countries was meant to be a democracy. In fact, the American Founding Fathers had a healthy distrust of democracy because they knew how it had been misused in the past; it’s a history we can see playing out again right now in Canada, where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has declared that protesters are a “threat to our democracy.”

Updated definitions

“Democracy” has become a helpfully nebulous term in the hands of unscrupulous politicians and journalists, but the word used to have a specific meaning.

Just like “fascism” and “racism” have lost their meanings and become anything a liberal doesn’t like, “democracy” has traded its own definition to become little more than a synonym for enforcing the leftist worldview.

As a system of government it was, of course, was created by the ancient Athenians as a new kind of state in which every citizen had one vote and the people were given the power to govern themselves.

How did that work out for the Athenians? Not very well. The system had some great successes, but it also killed Socrates and started a war which tore the Greek world apart and left the Athenian state in ruins.

Trudeau and other public figures in 2022 might like to imagine that democracy as a concept is infallible but the same inherent flaws which plagued Athens (flaws which our founders wisely avoided) are still present in 21st century liberalism.

A republican government as the United States was intended to be guarantees protections for individual rights and is meant to prevent a governing party from taking those rights away from people they don’t like.


“Our democracy”

Athenian democracy was not capable of protecting individuals from the wrath of the mob. In this, 21st century governments have managed to pick up the torch.

Brilliant men like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle did not share Trudeau’s unconditional love for this form of government and it isn’t hard to see why.

In one of the more infamous episodes from its war with Sparta, the people of Athens voted to put their own victorious admirals to death for failing to rescue shipwrecked survivors after a naval battle.

The Athenians regretted that decision almost immediately after they’d carried out the sentences, but would Justin Trudeau or any other modern liberal regret destroying the lives of their political opponents?

The truckers protesting in Canada have been treated as enemies of “our democracy” for participating in behavior which they were previously told is central to the health of the same.

If only one side is allowed to engage the kinds of political freedom a democratic society is supposed to provide then why exactly should we care that “our democracy” is being threatened? Their democracy is not our democracy, apparently.

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