GOP Begins Cleaning House, Member Gets EXPELLED

GOP Begins Cleaning House, Member Gets EXPELLED

The establishment GOP are coming after their populist colleagues. In an attempt to clean house, the Sacramento County Republican Party Central Committee has decided to expel a member after he refused to resign.

Expelled for Free Speech

After giving an interview with The Sacramento Bee, Jeffrey Perrine was attacked for stating that he was a member of the right-wing group The Proud Boys.

“I’ve been a member, but I’m not a head or an officer of any kind in any organization. Yeah, I’m still with the Proud Boys. I’m just a member. I’m a part of a fraternity,” Perrine told the newspaper.


The media immediately went into attack mode, digging up an old comment by Perrine that was definitely offensive. “All the illegals [undocumented immigrants] trying to jump over our border, we should be smashing their heads into the concrete,” Perrine is heard saying in a video taken in Portland, Oregon.

Of course, there is no forgiveness or redemption in today’s world, so cancel culture struck again. Despite his attempts to atone for his comment, the Sacramento GOP committee voted to expel Perrine.

“We have all made mistakes, are we not allowed to grow and move past them? Illegals are not a race of people,” Perrine said, discussing his previous statement.


“I feel the people who call me racist, are really the bigots. They are the ones assuming I am only speaking about Mexicans. I feel all illegal immigration is harmful. I never selected a specific race. I love all races and creeds. It’s all about ideology for me. Not skin color,” he added.

The vote took place on February 17, with the committee citing Perrine’s refusal to resign from the Proud Boys as one of their reasons for expelling him.

“The Committee took this action very seriously. We had to give consideration to the impact of Mr. Perrine’s behavior on our Party during a volatile time in our country’s history,” Committee Chair Betsy Mahan said in a statement.

“Mr. Perrine’s beliefs, actions, and public statements are woefully out of touch with true conservative values and were a slap in the face to Republicans everywhere who are deeply embedded in their communities. I’m proud the committee took the necessary action to remove this individual,” the Committee’s Treasurer, Micah Grant, added.

Despite the fact that Republicans consistently denounce the cancel culture of the left, apparently the GOP is fine with it when they are using it against one of their own. Second chances and forgiveness no longer exist in the political arena, and neither does common sense. The GOP establishment has accepted and begun to believe the lies that the left tells about the Proud Boys.

Smearing The Proud Boys

As The GOP Times previously reported:

The group, which began as a joke by conservative comedian Gavin McInnes, has been demonized by the left to the point where even conservatives believe the lies that have been spread.

The left has referred to the group as racist, despite the fact that its leader, Enrique Tarrio, is Cuban and African-American. The lies about the group have become so prevalent that Wikipedia states: “Tarrio is the chairman of the Proud Boys, a far-right, neo-fascist, and male-only white nationalist organization that promotes and engages in political violence in the United States.” It is unbelievably dishonest that they don’t have to justify saying that a black/hispanic man runs a white nationalist organization.

Though there have been instances of individual group members espousing bigoted views, the group overall is very inclusive of men from all walks of life.

In a press conference, the Chief of the Proud Boys Salt Lake Utah Chapter stated that the group removes anyone who supports white supremacy: “I will go out and say that the Proud Boys as a whole, I will say this on behalf of the entire national organization, denounce white supremacy. We are in no way, shape, or form, white supremacist. We have a vetting system that just gets those guys out of our hair.”

Anyone who actually does research on the Proud Boys knows that nothing the left says about them is true, but the GOP establishment refuses to do the research. If they did, they would see that the group describes themselves as “Western Chauvinists.”

According to their website, “If you are a man and you know that the west is the best, then you can join The Proud Boys. Some chapters have minimum age requirements and some vetting you’ll have to go through but if you’re a western chauvinist, we’ll get you in.”

The Proud Boys’ website, which has since been taken down, includes the group’s “core tenets”:

  • Minimal Government
  • Maximum Freedom
  • Anti-Political Correctness
  • Anti-Drug War
  • Closed Borders
  • Anti-Racial Guilt
  • Anti-Racism
  • Pro-Free Speech (1st Amendment)
  • Pro-Gun Rights (2nd Amendment)
  • Glorifying the Entrepreneur
  • Venerating the Housewife
  • Reinstating a Spirit of Western Chauvinism

If the GOP establishment is against the Proud Boys, then it stands to reason that they disagree with their views. If that is true, then they are not fighting for the people anymore, they are only fighting for their own power, and removing anyone that is a threat to that power.

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