President Trump Hints at ‘Breathtaking’ Evidence in Russian Probe

President Donald Trump came out strong on Tuesday when he said the Justice Department has unveiled “breathtaking” evidence of misconduct involving the Russia collusion probe.

Trump Talks Corruption of the Russia Collusion Hoax

Trump also said he suspects the results of the investigation into the probe will be released soon.

“I caught them, we caught them spying, using the intelligence apparatus of our country to spy on an opponent or an opposing party’s campaign both before and after the election,” Trump said to Fox Business host Lou Dobbs.

The full interview can be seen here:

He was referring to what he believes U.S. Attorney John Durham found during an investigation.

Special Prosecutor to Unveil Disturbing Facts

Durham was brought on board to be special prosecutor by Attorney General William Barr. His position was to review the FBI and DOJ’s behavior during the Russian collusion witch hunt.

Trump announced that he had no intention to “get overly involved” in Durham’s conclusion but expects a dramatic end to the investigation of the corrupt investigators.

“I do hear it is breathtaking what they found. That’s all I can say, breathtaking. And hopefully, it will come out soon. But it is beyond what anybody ever thought even possible,” the president said.

China Virus Deadly Toll on the U.S.

Shifting to another notable topic, Trump called out Beijing for lying and covering up the coronavirus which led to it entering the United States causing a severe “negative impact.”

“Well, it’s been very badly hurt by what happened because I really believed they could have stopped it in Wuhan,” Trump said. “…It’s been such a horrible thing.”

The Russia collusion hoax and the China virus have exceptional hampered Americans’ lives. Democrats banded together to launch the impeachment sham which ultimately fizzled out due to no evidence of the president doing any wrong.

According to President Trump, the Justice Department’s investigation completely vindicates what most Americans already know – that the president did nothing wrong.

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