Whistleblower Alleges Serial Lawbreaking By Democratic Governor

Since Democrats have done away with the laws, New Mexico’s alleged Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham decided to cash in by squeezing bribes out of Virgin Galactic CEO, Richard Branson. She also allegedly allowed staffers to retaliate against a whistleblower. He was upset because her office made him falsify an impact study. He quit when they bugged him with tracking software.

Governor acts like a Queen

New Mexico’s liberal Democrat Governor thinks she can make the laws as she goes along. She ignores the inconvenient ones and does as she pleases, time and time again.

Former Chief Financial Officer of Spaceport America Zach DeGregorio filed a lawsuit accusing Michelle Lujan Grisham and “several of her appointees.” He says they retaliated when he complained about being ordered to “falsify an economic impact study.”

When DeGregorio tried to report the shakedown, he was “threatened with investigations and a firing.” The straw that broke the camel’s back was when “tracking software was placed on DeGregorio’s tech devices.”

That’s when he called it quits. One of Governor Grisham’s political appointees, Alicia Keyes, was the one who ordered him to fudge the study. He also alleges she “mishandled a bond refinancing for the purpose of defrauding the state.”

In his complaint, he described how “Spaceport America Executive Director Daniel Hicks violated several state laws,” on behalf of the governor which led to “possible waste and abuse of taxpayer funds.”

Hicks “attempted to break into his email account and accessed emails.” The ones “DeGregorio sent to Keyes about Hicks’ involvement in alleged procurement fraud.”

Shakedown Richard Branson

According to the lawsuit, “Spaceport America’s chief client,” Virgin Galactic, and its CEO, Richard Branson, paid Governor Grisham a wad of cash in exchange for “essential business” status during COVID-19 shutdowns.

It was just the grease needed to allow Branson to become “the first billionaire to launch into space in July 2021, beating SpaceX’s Elon Musk and Blue Origin’s Jeff Bezos.”

Staff in the office of Governor Grisham collected the money then made “changes to the NM Spaceport Authority board.” Whatever the reason, Branson’s project got rocketed to the priority slot he wanted.

Those alterations included “changes at the NM Spaceport Authority that benefited Virgin Galactic at the expense of other customers and the New Mexico taxpayers.”

Now, DeGregorio is the one hoping to cash in. He’s asking for “$200 million in relief, citing a loss of future earning capacity, emotional distress and back pay.” The governor is already in hot water.

“The New Mexico state Supreme Court ruled against Lujan Grisham, and in favor of state lawmakers in November, finding that she did not have the authority to distribute more than $1 billion in COVID-19 relief funds.”

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