Police Coverup Sparks Outrage, What Are They Trying to Hide About Tafari Campbell’s Death?

If the Obamas were desperately trying to not conjure up a vast array of conspiracy theories surrounding the mysterious death of their personal chef back in July, then I’d say they’re doing a real poor job.

Last week, it was officially declared that Tafari Campbell had died in an accidental drowning by the Massachusetts Medical Examiner’s Office, yet so little information has been disclosed about what happened that First Amendment advocates and conservative critics are now demanding more answers.

What makes people suspicious is that Campbell, aged 45, vanished while paddle boarding at Edgartown Great Pond near the Obama estate on Martha’s Vineyard, only to be found dead one day later.

Such accidents unfortunately happen all over the world even in exclusive areas like Martha’s Vineyard.

It would have been easy enough for this tragedy to be reported briefly before being forgotten as everyone else moved on with their lives.

However, instead it looks as if some form of secrecy has blanketed everything related to Campbell’s death leading to rumors and speculation about what could possibly have occurred.

Even now authorities haven’t released anything about who was with him when he died, despite reports suggesting she was 26-years-old and worked alongside him for the Obamas previously there is still no name or any other details available.

Furthermore, toxicology reports which could give an indication as to whether drugs or alcohol played a role in his death have also not been made public due to Massachusetts law.

This raises questions about why such pertinent information is being kept under wraps.

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch are amongst those calling for more transparency from both local and federal authorities around this incident particularly regarding who was accompanying Campbell when he died along with any coordination between them and secret service agents who initially responded after a 911 call was made by one individual present at the time.

So what exactly do they have hiding away here?

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