Hunter’s Business Partner GOING TO JAIL

Devon Archer got some bad news in his fraud case. He lost his last appeal and will be headed off to spend a year and a day in jail. He still might decide to roll over and rat on his former partner Hunter but it doesn’t look as likely now. That hole card was his card to play before the final gavel banged and he left it on the table.

Devon Archer going to jail

One of Hunter Biden’s former business partners, Devon Archer, is going to jail. It might not be for any of the crimes he allegedly committed in conjunction with the Biden family even though he got paid a million dollars, same as Hunter, to sit on the board of Burisma and do nothing. With what just came out of the big fight with Christopher Wray about an informant tip report, there may be charges against the Biden family soon.

The owner of Burisma admitted to an undercover informant that he paid $10 million to the Biden family. It was to make his prosecutor problem “go away.” It did. Unsurprisingly, the same day that bombshell evidence was revealed of Biden family crimes, Donald Trump was indicted. That proves it’s time to defund the DOJ and FBI, conservatives insist. They’re obviously being weaponized into a Democrat friendly secret police force.

Archer filed his final appeal and it “was rejected,” his lawyer confirmed Wednesday. He had previously been “sentenced by Manhattan Judge Ronnie Abrams in February 2022 to one year and one day in prison.” Defrauding a tribe of native Americans was a crime “too serious” to “let him skate by.

The jury convicted him of “conspiracy to commit securities fraud and securities fraud.” The trial ended in June of 2018 and he’s been pursuing his appeals and dragging the inevitable prison stretch out ever since.

The federal prosecutors argued at his trial that “Archer and his two co-defendants bought more than $60 million in bonds from the Oglala Sioux.” They were supposed to invest the bonds in an annuity but didn’t. Instead, the trio used them to “build a financial services mega-company.

After he was convicted, the judge “granted Archer’s request for a new trial, but that ruling was reversed by a federal appeals court and the conviction was reinstated.” He appealed that ruling, too.

Disappointed by decision

On Wednesday, June 7, lawyer Matthew Schwartz noted he and his client were both “disappointed” by the appeals court ruling. “Mr. Archer has the greatest respect for the American judicial system.” Meaning, he has no plans to skip town.

While we are disappointed in today’s decision, Mr. Archer is innocent, and he remains hopeful that the courts will ultimately reinstate Judge Abrams’ careful decision recognizing that his conviction was a miscarriage of justice.

Schwartz has a point. All along he had blamed his partners. While the jury didn’t buy that, the judge apparently did. She was “left with an unwavering concern that Archer is innocent of the crimes charged.” Judge Abrams “also noted Archer was not the leader of the scheme and did not try to obstruct justice as his co-defendants had.

Hunter had nothing to do with this scheme. He’s got other problems. Judge Abrams may have liked Devon but “upheld the convictions of John Galanis and Bevan Cooney, who were tried and convicted” along with him.

Prosecutors aren’t being so nice to him. “Archer became a key player in the scheme, anticipating that, when the scheme succeeded, he would helm the resulting conglomerate and, ultimately, reap massive profits from its sale,” prosecutors wrote in a sentencing memo.

He’s been allowed the courtesy of his freedom pending appeals but the music has stopped and he’s soon going to be reporting for prison. That will make him easier to find when they need his testimony in the upcoming Biden bribery hearings.

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