Mental Gymnast Lefty Fails Horribly, War Veteran Has the PERFECT Response

In Tempe, Arizona of all places, a true giant among intellectuals, a true mental gymnast if you will, struggled with the basic operation of a lighter attempting vainly to set fire to the American flag that adorned the home of US Army Veteran Adam Douglas. To make matters worse, this affront to America, this crime against one of our veterans, and this baffling display of stupidity were committed just days before Memorial Day, a day to fly the flag and reverently, soberly remember our honored dead.

According to Fox & Friends, the gender of the trespasser and attempted arsonist is unknown however, their attire suggests the person at least may identify as female. However, as earlier stated, no easy assessment of this person’s gender, mental state, or intellectual capacity can be made based on the limited footage available, although their inability to successfully operate a lighter in almost no wind reflects poorly.

One Case Where Flag Burning Is DEFINITELY a Crime

Douglas while naturally upset about the flag was more concerned that the would-be arsonist nearly lit his home on fire.

“The flag was attached to my house, and uh, I had a concern that my house could have caught on fire as well,” “It was unbelievable. The [flag] pole was very close to the edge of my roof. It could have easily caught on fire and not being home—who knows what could have happened.

While the assailant failed the light the flag on fire, when Douglas returned home and reviewed the video, the flag was gone, presumably stolen. He told Fox 10, they were “Trying to light it,” Douglas said. “Several clicks trying to light. I could hear the clicks on the video…And they had it up to the flag trying to set the flag on fire.”

Douglas served in Afghanistan as an Army Captain until 2019 and expressed his dismay at the unknown thief’s actions,

“Memorial Day weekend, we’ve had people die while I was over there as well,” Douglas said. “It means a lot, I want to make sure that flag is out on Memorial Day weekend. To have it stolen is… I just couldn’t understand it.”

A Response One Would Expect From a Veteran

Despite Tempe Police canvassing the area around Douglas’ home and his own search, the flag wasn’t recovered. So Captain Douglas did what you’d expect of an Army Veteran, he didn’t go out and buy another flag just like the one that was stolen.. he bought a larger one…. and then he bought a second one. Captain Douglas is truly exemplifying the Army Motto “This We’ll Defend”.

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