New Evidence Exposes CCP Ties to Mexican Cartels

Is China working with the Mexican cartels to weaken our nation?

That is the basis of a recent report on the Gateway Pundit.

Some might call it a conspiracy theory, but the report is hard to dismiss as some fringe attempt to link China and the cartels.

Kill Them All

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have died over the last five years from drug overdoses.

The exact number is 339,849, most of them under 50.

This influx in ODs has happened due to fentanyl crossing our border at will.

And yes, I know the government has had some massive seizures, but one can only imagine how much is getting through as they are surely only capturing a small percentage of what is being attempted to be smuggled into this country.

The number of ODs in this country has been the rise since 2018, going from about 67,000 in 2018 to 107,000 in 2021.

China is a worldwide supplier of synthetic opioids, both legal and illegal, so one cannot help but wonder if the Chinese are feeding the cartel drugs like fentanyl to weaken our country.

The report is troublesome, to say the least.

Please read it on The Gateway Pundit when you get the chance and let us know if you think China is ultimately behind this problem.

To read the full report, click here.

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