Fight Turns Gruesome as Man Decapitates His Father-in-Law

Tragedy strikes a family in Indonesia as a fight between a man and his father-in-law turned gruesome. 35-year-old Arthur Leigh Welohr, an American citizen, was arrested for allegedly “beheading” his father-in-law after a brutal fight over the family business. Welohr had been living and working in Banjar, West Java, Indonesia when the incident occurred on Sunday, September 24.

The altercation reportedly began after Welohr and his father-in-law Agus Sopiyan had been teaming up on a business venture that was said to be failing. Neighbors heard shouting but believed it to be nothing more than an everyday argument until it escalated into physical violence.

Witnesses reported that Welohr overpowered Sopiyan and knocked him to the ground before stabbing him with a knife. It is also said that upon arrival, police found Sopiyan’s head detached from his body.

Yayat Ruhiyat, chief of Raharja Village where this all took place explained that Welohr had prior confrontations with his father-in-law and even vandalized his house though he was never arrested due to “various reasons” such as compensation by Weloher’s wife for the damage done to her parents’ home.

Banjar Police Chief of Investigation AKP Ali Jupr stated that Welohr told police he did this because he felt attacked by his father-in law who was hindering their relationship with each other. The investigation is still ongoing as police await further reports about what happened between these two men before any official charges can be made against Welohr who is currently in custody at Banjar Police Station awaiting trial.

Head of Public Relations for the Banjar Police Nandi Darmawan announced they will release more information once all investigations have been completed.

This news has certainly come as a shock for many people living in Banjar as news spread quickly about this tragic event involving one American citizen and one Indonesian citizen.

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