Americans Begin to Get VERY VOCAL About Biden [Videos]

The calls are rising up from Dallas, Texas, to New York City, NY from Columbia, South Carolina to Everett, Washington, and even in Rome, Italy. The American people are not going to go quietly into the night and the new rallying cry of the people in the face of vaccine mandates, medical coercion, loss of jobs, massive stagflation, rampant unemployment and a collapsing economy with a government overrun by socialists descending into authoritarianism is… #LETSGOBRANDON and of course, in truth: “Fuck Joe Biden”. Not since World War II have so many people of wildly different political views, creeds, colors, faiths and convictions come together. Biden promised at the beginning of his ill-assumed presidency that he would work to unite the American people, it is possible that he may be succeeding… in uniting the people against him and his party. They are being very, very vocal.

According to The Post Millennial, in New York

“The anti-vaccine mandate protestors had all congregated in Times Square and were listening to speeches. A woman was speaking to the audience in front of a banner reading “World Freedom Now!” and “Truth Over Fear.”

“Joe Biden, your patience is wearing thin? We lost our patience!” says the woman at the podium captured in footage of the rally, to which massive cheers erupt as she slowly walks down, having just ended her discourse at that point.”

Americans Everywhere Are Getting Very VERY Vocal, And They Can’t Stop It

In the critically acclaimed film ‘Braveheart‘ before the battle of Stirling, Scottish patriot William Wallace is disheartened when he hears that though a nigh-unstoppable army of the English advances upon them, the most of the noblemen, the wealthy elites of the day, wouldn’t rally. But the highlanders: the cast aside Scotsmen of the more rural and mountainous regions of the nation were coming of their own accord without the nobles permission or leadership. Wallace’s lieutenants struggling for breath  and told him that, joyously


“The highlanders are coming down on their own! By droves of hundreds AND THOUSANDS!”

And so it is to be today in America, that the Americans of the so-called “Red States” and counties are descending onto the cities, the strongholds of the Democrats, and finding unexpected allies there to stand arm and arm and declare defiantly that they will not submit to medical mandates, vaccine mandates and passports or tolerate any further erosion of their freedoms.

Check out this compilation we’ve put together below, it truly is a sight to see so many Americans uniting to make their voices heard, that they will not submit to the Biden-Harris regime. We loved that even a passing police cruiser got in on the action! It’s a much needed lift in a world that is black-pilling so many conservatives and libertarians and causing them to lose hope.  As the legendary Gene Wilder once said in his iconic role as Willy Wonka, “So shines a good deed in a weary world.”.

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