Police Searching for More Victims of Elementary School Teacher

Horrific news recently broke that a Tennessee elementary school teacher, Alissa McCommon, is accused of raping a child. The 38-year-old mother of two from Covington allegedly admitted to communicating inappropriately with former students through online video games and social media apps. She was reported to have sent them inappropriate photographs and requested sexual relationships with the victims.

Covington Police Department Detectives are actively investigating this terrible exploitation and abuse of young boys. They intend to pursue any appropriate federal charges related to sexual exploitation across jurisdictional state lines. McCommon is currently being held at the Tipton County Jail on a $25,000 bond.

Tipton County Director of Schools Dr. John Combs stated that when a parent brought forth allegations of misconduct against the teacher on August 24th, she was suspended without pay immediately. He added that they are working with law enforcement and awaiting further details from them and the District Attorney’s Office before taking further action.

The Covington PD is searching for any other victims who may have been in contact with McCommon and asks anyone with concerns to contact them right away at 901-475-1261 or 901-475-3300.

To protect children from becoming victims themselves in similar situations, parents should be especially mindful of their child’s online activity as well as activities occurring outside their home or school grounds that involve adults they don’t know or trust completely. It is also important for adults in positions involving working closely with children such as teachers, coaches, counselors, etc., to maintain professional boundaries between themselves and minors at all times – no matter what age those minors may be – so that these types of tragedies can be avoided altogether in every community possible now and into the future!

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