Mark Wahlberg Just Gave His Fans One More Reason to Love Him

As a teen, actor Mark Wahlberg was identified as the “kid from the wrong side of the tracks” in Quincy, Massachusetts, his hometown.

But today, he is one of Hollywood’s most successful stars and a devout Catholic who has used his faith to help him achieve success.

Recently, Wahlberg made an emotional return trip to Quincy and visited the Stop & Shop where he worked as a teenager.

Wahlberg returned to Quincy with an Instagram video showing him walking into the store parking lot. He recalled how he’d work at Stop & Shop for $3.65 an hour while taking driver’s ed up the street.

On his 17th birthday, Wahlberg got his driver’s license and bought a Pontiac from Lappen’s Auto Parts for $200. He joked that he was looking to get his job back with a little help from Jeff – but before that could happen customers were stunned when they saw him bagging their groceries!

The Patriots Day star also told customers that it all started right there at Stop & Shop and even showed off his bagging skills.

Customer Raymond Li couldn’t believe it when he saw Wahlberg behind one of the checkout counters – jumping out of their registers trying to get pictures with him!

Another employee said “Doing some serious good in this world, this young man.” It was clear that everyone appreciated what an inspiring transformation Wahlberg had made since those humble beginnings in Quincy only years before.

Being born into such difficult circumstances hasn’t stopped Mark Wahlberg from achieving great success today as both an actor and producer, but it is also due largely in part by having mentors like Father James Flavin who encouraged him to stay “on the straight and narrow.”

After becoming so well-known within Hollywood circles, Wahlberg still remains loyal to his roots in Boston – especially after such horrific events like The Marathon Bombing which deeply affected him as evidenced by remarks given during an interview with People Magazine: “It filled me with such pride to call myself a Bostonian… knowing that we can still come out after a horrible event and radiate this love”.

After losing Alma, his mother earlier this year after her battle with dementia, Wahlberg spoke about how proud she had been seeing her children turn their lives around despite all odds: “She taught us all through all the difficulties that we had… She was very proud that we turned our lives around”.

Even today after having achieved fame Wahlberg still maintains close ties with God – waking up every morning at 2:30am for prayer time followed by meditation until 6 am when he begins his day properly. Its clear no matter how much fame or fortune comes Wahlberg way – family values will always remain important above everything else!

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