Joe Biden Just Admitted Live in Front of EVERYONE in America

More aptly, Former Vice-President Joe Biden just admitted it live in front of EVERYONE in America…AGAIN. During his latest unofficial “COVID-19 Briefing” presser on Dec. 29th, Biden stood in front of the fictitious seal of the “Office of The President Elect” which was created whole-cloth by Fmr. President Barack Obama in 2008, VP Biden once again dubbed Sen. Kamala Harris as “President-Elect” as he has multiple times.

According to, this looks like this could be a joint Biden and Harris gaffe,


“It should come as no surprise that Biden had another gaffe when on Tuesday he referred to Kamala Harris as “president-elect.” He made the comments during a press conference after Harris received the first dose of the Wuhan coronavirus vaccine. Yes, it is the same vaccine that she said she would never receive while President Donald Trump was in office.”

Journalist Kyle Becker assembled a ‘greatest hits’ reel of Fmr. VP Biden seemingly unaware of which office he is running for. Becker’s video caps off with Harris being introduced as “the next President of the United States”.

Let’s go to the Video (How Many Times have they Admitted it?)

This is a familiar slip that lends more credence to the concept that the Biden-Harris Administration will more likely be a “Harris Administration” with a Biden figurehead, at least until they remove him with the 25th Amendment as rollcall reported earlier this year, and one endorsed by President Trump. As Amalia White wrote,  “The California senator made it clear that she was the brains behind the Democratic ticket.” during a virtual roundtable in Arizona.


Biden would be a PINO (President-In-Name-Only)

Beth Baumann pointed out quite correctly that “in theory, most people are referring to Biden as a figurehead. Kamala will be running the show.” She isn’t alone, by ‘most people’ she seemed to include Fox New’s Laura Ingraham who said,

“Now at best, he’ll be a figurehead president. And, without the physical, mental, or intellectual strength to stand up to the radicals on the left, whatever sense he had will be quickly overwhelmed,” Ingraham predicted.

Gary Wilmott wrote in American Thinker, “There can be no doubt, that a President Joe Biden would merely be a figurehead. A dithering and doddering Biden will be allowed to masquerade as POTUS until such time as the puppeteers find it expedient to wheel Joe and his security blanket out the White House door, replaced by Kamala Harris”

Christian Whinton of National Interest concurred, “With Biden in his dotage, people are scrambling to learn who the real power will be in a titular Biden administration. Customarily, this can be discerned by who is rumored or named to prominent positions at the White House and various agencies.”

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