Dems Just Hit The Panic Button, Realize They Are Out-Organized

Republican efforts to secure the election have been so successful in states all over the country that the Dems are terrified that they will not be able to replicate their unconstitutional 2020 and highly suspect 2012 power grabs. Leftists from politicos to race-baiters and grifters are all sounding the alarm.

Derrick Johnson, President, and CEO of the NAACP, the once illustrious and proud banner-carriers for civil rights long ago reduced to a Democrat front organization speaking to Vanity Fair, regurgitated the fallacy that securing our elections is against fraudulent voting, fraudulent counts, manipulation, and hacking are somehow “voter suppression”. You’ll see and hear this repeated ad nauseum.

“We cannot out-organize voter suppression, We organized in November to put people in office to address the issue of voter suppression. We did not organize in November to let elected officials off the hook to organize again and overcome a new hurdle. Voters did their job as citizens, and now they’re simply asking elected officials to do their job to protect our right to vote.”



An Inherently Racist Suggestion from Out-Organized Dems

Funny enough, while some on the left like South Carlina Democrat Jim Clyburn, House Majority whip are working to carve out a rule in the filibuster of the US Senate to allow the despicable so-called “voting rights act” through which would strip electoral control away from the states and make every election federally-run in a radical shortcut to a single-party state, the Biden White House is shifting focus to “out-organize voter suppression”. Biden’s solution is actually the more honest but a more surefire solution: just get more voters and do it fairly without compromising ballot security, seems simple right? Not for the NAACP’s Johnson though who said “It is unconscionable to ask voters to overcome policy deficits,” Race-baiting hustler Al Sharpton is even attempting to pressure Congress: “You have to move now.”

Mr. Johnson, how is preventing illegal voting and electoral manipulation a “policy deficit”? Is it only a “policy deficit” when your team, the Dems don’t win? We didn’t hear too much about “voter suppression” and “policy deficits” when Barack Obama rode the wave into the White House not once but TWICE. This man is actually suggesting that a nation that apparently “suppresses” the black vote, elected a black man President and then, albeit more narrowly re-elected him. Suggesting that Black Americans can’t exert their will at the polls without extraordinary intervention from the government descended from that of LBJ who promised to act as their “new Daddy” isn’t just condescension, much like objections to voter ID laws (many have suggested that it is burdensome for black Americans to acquire legal identification), it’s inherently racist on its face. Oh, how far the NAACP has fallen.

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