Chairwoman Kelli Ward Gives Audit Update

Kelly Ward went rushing to appear with Natalie Harp on OANN’s The Real Story with a draft of the preliminary audit report in her hand, hot off the laser printer. It’s only part of the story but Arizona’s Republican Chairwoman gave a detailed update about where concerned citizens stand on the fight to pry evidence from the hands of Maricopa County officials.

Kelli Ward explains

On Monday, August 23, the investigating team released a preliminary audit report to the Arizona Senate. After all the Senators and their lawyers go through it with a fine toothed comb “it will be released to the public.” This report gives all the machine recount numbers.

As Dr. Ward explained, they just got in the envelope images so they will be next under the microscope. The real fight is over some more important evidence and she gave an update on that too.


The Senate requisitioned this audit and hired experts to be able to do the job of actually auditing and analyzing, Ward notes. Now, it will take a little time to “be able to look at what they’ve been given.” There are a number of reasons why this is only a partial report.

They just got the envelope images to examine and the county is dragging their feet over releasing the most significant evidence. On top of that, Senate President Karen Fann reports that “Doug Logan and a couple of other people on the audit team have developed COVID.”

While they fight in court with Maricopa County, the investigators can take a deep dive into the envelope evidence. As Kelli Ward describes, they’re tracking down the allegations that election workers kept adjusting the software used to match signatures to the point it eventually allowed envelopes to go through with no signature on them at all.


You probably heard during the Senate hearing,” she mentioned, “that the screening for the signature match decreased significantly over time from a 20 point match to maybe zero.”

Subpoenas are the real fight

Maricopa County officials continue to thumb their nose at the law in total defiance of “the legal and enforceable subpoenas requesting access to routers, Splunk logs, key fobs, and Dominion’s systems.” When the deadline went whooshing by, Senator Sonny Borrelli demanded an investigation by Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

The county is in “violation of the law.” As requested, Brnovich opened an investigation with a response deadline of August 20. The County responded on time and according to chairwoman Ward, that’s when the real fireworks started.

The legal team for Maricopa County has been smoking too much legal weed and it’s affecting their work. They hallucinated up the idea that because the legislative session ended, the “subpoenas are no longer enforceable.”

We’ll see about that, Ward declared. “This is not true. The Senate’s investigative authority does not end at Senate adjournment.” All of us, she promises, are going to “put the pressure on” to “make sure that there’s a reckoning.”

If the AG investigation finds a violation, which remains to be seen because that office can’t seem to find it’s own backside with both hands and a flashlight, “the Supervisors will be given 30 days to resolve the violation.”

If they don’t cough up the thumb drives and other election gear, “the State Treasurer shall withhold 10% of state shared funds from the county.” That’s a hefty fine, “over $61 million.” Dr. Ward firmly stomped her foot and argued “The subpoenas are still enforceable and Maricopa County is still in violation of the law. Mark Brnovich needs to do his job and enforce the subpoenas.”

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