Liberals LOSE THEIR MIND…Calling For His Head

As far as sports leagues are concerned, the National Hockey League (NHL) is one of the better ones.

They have a Pride Night for every team, but overall, they keep away from ramming wokeness down their fans throats.

Well, a game this week in Philadelphia was Pride Night for the Flyers.

One player refused to bend the knee, and now reporters are calling for his head.

True to Myself

So, if we go back to NFL players kneeling during the anthem, most of us did not like it, but they have that right.

Of course, we complained about it, but I don’t recall many people saying the players should be benched.

Philadelphia Flyers Defenseman Ivan Provorov chose not to take part in the pregame warmups where players wear the Pride warmup jersey and it is then auctioned off to benefit the cause.

He did not disrespect anyone, as you can see here…

But this was the reaction of the media, as though he had murdered someone…

Thankfully, the team and the NHL are standing behind Provorov, at least for now, and he is holding firm.

I can only hope he, the team, nor the league fold to the pressure of these groups.

Source: Breitbart

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