Investigation Catches 6 Money Swindling Corrupt Fraudsters

Honolulu’s Department of Planning and Permitting has some SERIOUS explaining to do. They just added to the far older epidemic of Democrat corruption hollowing out America’s most populous cities with money swindling  fraudsters. Wayne Inouye, Jocelyn Godoy, Jason Dadez, Jennie Javonillo, Kanani Padeken, William Wong have been indicted for accepting bribes in exchange for performing official acts in their capacities with with the City and County of Honolulu. According to authorities the city and county officials accepted tens of thousands of dollars in bribes from builders and developers.

One of them, cooperating with the Feds told the FBI,

“It’s common knowledge,” she said. “I can talk to any contractor and architect and say, ‘Hey do you know this is going on?’ They all know it’s going on. It’s common knowledge.”

She added: “They say ‘Hey if you want to get your permit passed through, you’re going to have to pay.’ And if they refuse to pay, they get kicked to the bottom of the list and their projects don’t get approved.”

According to the Honolulu Civil Beat, The FBI told reporters,

“Our citizens entrust their government with great authority and power. It is our responsibility to the communities we serve to represent them ethically and transparently,” said Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent in Charge Eli Miranda.

“The FBI will bring all its resources to bear and vigorously pursue criminals who attempt to defraud the American people in our institutions.”

Outside Investigators Coming In To Clean House of Fraudsters

Department Director Dean Uchida explained to the press that the DPP is hiring an outside investigator to examine what he called “serious problems”.“We believe that the recent incidents were symptoms of a larger problem,” Uchida said at a City Council committee meeting Thursday “We believe that the underlying problem involves the lack of alignment with the department’s people, processes and technology.”

“Non-Partisan” And “Independent” Offices- Overwhelmed by the Left

Honolulu is governed by a “non-partisan” city/county council and a mayor. Presently the Mayor Rick Blangiardi is an independent. However, there hasn’t been a Republican in office in over twenty years and Congressional polling suggests an overwhelmingly leftist electorate. The State legislature has an overwhelming Democrat majority 47-4 in the House of Representatives and and a single GOP State Senator squaring off against 24 Democrats.

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