John Ratcliffe Drops Truth Bomb on Biden

The response Joe Biden and his handlers came up with for the Chinese spy balloon turned into a “badly mismanaged” fiasco as the attacks continued. The scathing assessment comes from John Ratcliffe. He is one of the two most intelligent National Intelligence Directors we’ve had in a long time. The other was his predecessor, Acting Director Richard Grenell. Joe was flipping like a pancake all week long.

Biden blew balloon crisis

Former Trump National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe didn’t mince words in his criticism of Joe Biden and the regime’s response to airspace incursions on Monday.

The shaky story they came up with for not shooting down the confirmed spy balloon backfired, as they ended up doing the exact opposite of what they originally said was impossible.

Ratcliffe dropped by Fox News studios on February 13 to explain exactly how the reasons Biden gave “for delaying the first spy craft’s takedown were ameliorated by those that entered U.S. airspace in the days since.

He knows his way around the Pentagon. “The excuses that we were told why number one – the Chinese spy balloon – couldn’t be shot down have drifted away with numbers two, three, and four.

In other words, we were told, ‘Well, we can’t shoot it down over Alaska.‘ Well, the second object was. We were told ‘they couldn’t be shot down over land or near civilians or over the continental U.S.‘ That [excuse] went away with numbers three and four.

Biden totally blew it. When he finally got around to shooting down the big first one, that was “badly mismanaged.

Back to Sesame Street

John Ratcliffe schooled Joe on the ins and outs of diplomacy by sending him back to Sesame Street. “It goes back to ‘one of these is not like the other.‘ The Biden administration is really scrambling and don’t have an explanation or aren’t giving an explanation for what they’re doing with different objects – numbers two, three and four.

Americans aren’t as stupid as the palace thinks they are. “People are speculating, they’re filling in the blanks because the Biden administration is not addressing this, they’re not being transparent, they’re not giving good explanations for what’s going on here, and I think that’s a huge misstep and a disservice to the American people who shouldn’t be having to speculate about this.

Fox Host Maria Bartiromo pointed out that Texas Republican lawmaker Michael McCaul called the first balloon an “act of espionage in plain sight.” Ratcliffe was quick to reply, he was “absolutely right.” You bet it was slap in the face spying in the open.

That was a dedicated flight path over our most sensitive military sites, nuclear sites, critical infrastructure…” You name it. Biden didn’t see it that way or maybe he looked the other way. After all, he has been accused of selling his political soul to China. Hunter acted as broker.

After all the foot dragging and excuses for a solid week on the first balloon, after we started looking and noticed they’re coming in on a regular schedule, the about face was a high G U-turn like those United passengers were recently treated to.

As Ratcliffe notes, Joe Biden sat there, eating ice cream, as “the first spy flight penetrated U.S. airspace and drifted over the continental U.S.” Then, “the objects that have breached American airspace in the days since have been shot down sooner, begging more questions as to why the initial spy craft was not taken down before reaching the East Coast.


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