Joe Biden Vocally Makes Threats About 2021 and It’s Absolutely Terrifying

One thing Democrat politicians love is power, control, threats and telling average people how to live their lives. Now Joe Biden is threatening the American people saying that if they don’t follow his COVID-19 holiday demands, the 2021 holidays could be held hostage as well.

Threats From Biden Already Starting

Former Vice President Joe Biden gave orders regarding upcoming Thanksgiving gatherings on Tuesday. While at a news conference, Biden said, “Let me tell you what the health experts have said to me.

They strongly urge that if, in fact, we’re gonna have Thanksgiving with anyone that we limit it to a maximum … 10 people, socially distanced, wearing masks. And people who have quarantined. Jill and I spent this morning like many of you trying to figure out what are we going to do for Thanksgiving. … We’ve narrowed down which family members, and that they were just tested — recently tested within 24 hours.”

According to the Democrat, families can’t make decisions for themselves when it comes to getting together for special occasions.

The politician took it a step further by giving threats that if people don’t listen to his demands to limit the number of people attending, wear masks and socially distance that the 2021 holidays will require these rules required by him.

“I just want to make sure we’re able to be together next Thanksgiving, next Christmas. It is an international crisis. An international health crisis,” he insisted. “We’re at war with the virus. … There’s nothing macho about not wearing a mask.”

Republican politicians don’t share Biden’s control-crazed mindset. South Dakota Governor said, “In South Dakota, we won’t stop or discourage you from thanking God and spending time together this Thanksgiving.”

In Colorado, radical Governor Jared Polis has kept the state on strict lockdowns and he’s put in place mandatory mask demands. However, state Representative Mark Baisley gave a powerful statement that many freedom-loving Americans appreciated.

“It is important for Americans to realize that, in spite of their good intentions, neither a governor, a president-elect nor I as your state representative have the constitutional authority to restrict the number of family members who gather in your home,” he wrote.

“You have a constitutionally guaranteed right of free assembly and association, specifically protected in the first amendment.

“America has been through many other tough times and medical epidemics (smallpox, yellow fever, Spanish flu, cholera, and so forth), and the constitution is not suspended because of a pandemic.”

He said the role of government should be simply to “provide an accurate understanding of the virus in order to assist families in making informed decisions in their own self-interests.”

Biden can make all the threats he wants, but the American people have the constitution on their side. 

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