Trump Hater Begins to See the Light

Trump Hater Begins to See the Light

One notorious Trump hater has begun to see the light. While he doesn’t seem to be changing his opinion on Donald Trump, he does want the left to tone down their hatred for Trump supporters so that the American people can start living more peacefully.

During a recent interview with local Alabama news outlet ahead of a Birmingham standup comedy show, comedian Bill Maher actually urged peace between the left and the right.

Usually, the only way the left calls for “peace” is by telling the right to compromise or agree with them completely. This time, it was actually different. This time, Maher was speaking to the left.

The comedian told the left that they need to stop hating Trump supporters because they are “half the country.”

Maher also blamed the left for being the main side that is acting like they are the “superior moral paragon” to the other side with their politics.

He began discussing the subject by urging both sides to lower the temperature of their arguments, and reminding them that we’re stuck together, so we have to get along.

“This country is falling apart at the seams,” he said, adding, “Half the people are not going to self-deport.”

Maher then went on to talk about the constant attacks from both sides.

“You see these tweets and memes about owning and destroying the other side. Get over it. You’re not owning or destroying anybody,” he said.

Maher then provided a simple solution: see the humanity in one another and drop politics once in a while.

“Because when you take the politics out of the discussion — and this is coming from a person who made his living talking politics — you find that people are just people, and you can’t hate them,” the talk show host said.

Then came his surprising defense of Trump supporters, and his even more shocking admission that the woke left are the problem.

“I constantly say it, you can hate Trump. You can’t hate all the people who like him — it’s half the country,” Maher said, reminding his leftist viewers: “And you can’t set yourself up as some sort of superior moral paragon, because this is your political belief, and somebody else has another one.”

The comedian then went on to specify that it’s the left that really embraces this moral superiority.

“There are obviously areas where, yes, if somebody’s advocating cannibalism, I think you can claim the moral high ground if you’re anti. I feel like that’s the Achilles heel of the left right now,” he said.

While it doesn’t seem like Maher is ready to change his opinion on Donald Trump any time soon, it is a good start to see him stop hating Trump supporters.

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