True the Vote Leaders ARRESTED

Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips of True the Vote were taken into custody by U.S. Marshalls on the orders of Federal Judge Kenneth Hoyt on Oct. 31 for refusing to divulge the identity of a confidential informant.

Engelbrecht and Phillips are being held in contempt of court and will be held for at least a day or until they divulge the information to the court reported independent journalist Ivory Hecker according to The Post Millennial.

Hecker revealed via Twitter, “Judge says he never got a straight answer on who was in the Dallas hotel room January, 2021, and he doesn’t know how many people were there. Judge says the way Phillips and Engelbrecht talked suggests True the Vote did have access to the hacked computer data, though they deny it.”

According to The Houston Chronicle, Engelbrecht and Phillips testified to the court that they were confidential informants for the FBI and they were told by their handlers, two special agents, to use “the nuclear option” and go public with their roles in the data hack that landed them in court and how it contributed to the Oct.4 arrest of Eugene Yu, founder of Konnech Inc.

The leaders from True the Vote are being sued for defamation by Yu, who was arrested on suspicion of stealing personal identifying information of Los Angeles County election poll workers, Chron reported.

“When an FBI agent tells you that it’s happening and suggests you take the nuclear option, it gives you something to think about,” Engelbrecht told the court. “They were concerned that D.C. was trying to choose their terms and make this political.”
“We went and met at a hotel room, towels under the doors,” Phillips said, while describing a “weird” meeting with his “guys” in Dallas. “They proceeded to show me everything. They showed me the database.”
Both Engelbrecht and Phillips told Judge Hoyt that identifying the unnamed FBI confidential informant who was with them would endanger the person’s life.
“Every name I give you gets doxxed and harassed,” Engelbrecht said.
Hoyt wasn’t fazed, “You don’t have to turn anything over to me confidentially, I have the highest clearance,” the Judge said. “You can not ask me to agree to keep something confidential.”
The Los Angeles District Attorney did confirm that True the Vote helped their investigation into Konnech and Yu.
“Phillips’ report to PID (Public Integrity Division) was the first step in a thorough independent and still ongoing investigation which ultimately led to the arrest and charging of Mr. Yu,” Los Angeles County DA George Gascón‘s office said in a statement according to The Houston Chronicle. “We initially indicated that Mr. Phillips played no role in the investigation.”
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